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I was sitting here thinking about my personal fashion journey. How I came to understand my body type and mistakes I had made along the way.

One mistake that I had made, and I find it quite common in shapelier women, is to wear oversized, or baggy clothing.

Please know, this does not make a shapely person look thinner, in fact, it makes us look much larger.

I know sometimes when we are not at the size, weight, or shape we want to be or look the way we did in college or high school, we tend to want to hide in our clothing.

Please do not make this dreadful mistake.

In reality, we look as if we are swimming in a sea of baggy fabric, and the clothes end up wearing us, instead of us wearing the clothes. Generally, we look sloppy, or un-kept, as if we do not care.

If there is one thing I know, it is that confidence is sexy!

Even now I struggle with some imperfections of my own but then I see someone my shape, or my size, or larger, and they are wearing something I would only dare to wear and it makes me feel first sad that I did not have enough confidence in myself, then joyful that I could actually pull it off!

Now I am not talking about a middle-age woman wearing Daisy Duke shorts here, or Disco pants, but by all means, if your arms are a little bigger (like mine) don’t be afraid to wear something with short sleeves, or even dare to go with thin straps!

If you still feel a lack of confidence, wear that strapless dress with a coverup as I demonstrate in this article.

Baggy Clothing Does Not Make You Look Thinner

Just because you have a little extra in the middle does not mean you can’t look good in the right fitting jeans!

You do not have to drape your tummy in a large, loose-fitting baggy dress every day! Kut from the Kloth has amazing denim and you can go one full size down, which always makes me feel good!

Baggy Clothing Does Not Make You Look Thinner

It all comes down to understanding your own body type and taking the time to do some trial and error in the fitting room.

I find going to a boutique is much better for this than an anchor store such as Dillards, or JCPenny.


The lighting in boutiques is more natural, neutral, and realistic! I don’t really know when I have been out and about in a nice outfit and found myself flooded with fluorescent lighting! Nobody looks great under those lights!


Boutiques are far less stressful, more relaxed, less annoying music playing, and sometimes they even offer you a beverage! Fewer gawkers – in a boutique there are far fewer people milling about as you make difficult buying decisions, even if you are not buying and just trying to figure out what styles and fits look best on you, no one wants to deal with a crowded place with wailing children, impatient husbands, and clutter all around. Dressing rooms in large retail chains are messy!

Personal Service

Boutiques often will have a sales person who will act more like a friend. They like to talk about fashion, styles, what works for your figure, and give honest advice. Yes, they do want to make the sale but they have more investment in your return business so they care more about finding what you feel good in rather than getting your money and pushing you out the door for the next victim. The last reason and one of my favorites is…

Personal Shoppers

In a boutique, if you find things that work for you, specific designers, styles, and such, the boutique has the ability to find more styles like the ones that work for you, or get more items from a designer you love.

So as you can see, I am a big fan of boutique shopping.

Sure now that I have more knowledge of my own fashion direction I shop the chains as well but I never have as much fun and I still feel the pressure of the bright angry lights and unhappy shoppers.

Also once you know your true fashion direction you can do a lot more shopping online avoiding all personal interaction, important for us introverts.

Baggy Clothing Does Not Make You Look Thinner
One of my Favorite Boutique Finds!

Either way ladies, please, do not drown yourself in baggy clothing.

You are lovely, beautiful, and beauty really does come in all shapes, ages, and sizes! Just take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to find the things that do accent your best parts, help stylishly hide your not so great parts, but most of all do not wear a moo moo or gigantic tee shirt because you think it hides your extra pounds…it is called a moo moo for a reason, it makes everyone look bad!

Post your comments about how you feel.

Do you wear or did you ever wear big clothing to hide the extra pounds?

Or maybe you felt you were too thin! You know it’s not just the shapely ladies who struggle with body image! Let me know your concerns. Maybe I will have a few ideas to help you out or perhaps other readers will chime in too!


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