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How many of you are holding onto clothes you may or may not ever wear again? I know I have been very guilty of not deciding what to keep recycle reject.

I have been purging lately and have made some major donations as well as started a Pinterest swap board.

The decision of what to Keep Recycle or Reject is a tough one often times.

Granted I have always donated clothing that my kids have grown out of, and things that were obviously not going to get any wear.

Sometimes though it is really difficult to get rid of those Levi’s 501 Button Downs from the 70’s, or an item that has some kind of odd emotional attachment.

Fashion: Keep Recycle Reject

Fashion- Keep Recycle Reject

A good rule of thumb when it comes to what to Keep Recycle Reject is that if you have not worn it in 6 months, get rid of it.

I am not suggesting this rule for an evening gown that you keep around just in case, or for your wedding dress obviously but for clothes that should be every day wear I feel it is a fair rule.

One idea that I heard a long time ago was if the item simply serves some kind of emotional attachment, but you know you will never wear it again, take a photo of it.

I know it sounds a little hokey but at least you have it in some format.

Items that are too small we may keep around thinking we will lose the weight. Perhaps we will. However, if the item is from high school and you are in your 40’s there is a good chance it will no longer be in style.

Even if the style has come back the cuts are different now, and your body has changed so it may not fit even if it is the right “size”.

Besides, if you do lose the weight, especially if you get to your high school weight, why not reward yourself with some new clothes!

Items that are too large, well, many of us women who fluctuate in weight frequently tend to keep a size up around for that reason.

Sometimes that is a good idea, but not always. In a way, it allows us “permission” to fluctuate!

Mind over matter right?

Unless you are trying to gain back weight, which is a real thing too. Not everyone is trying to be thinner.

There are more ways than ever to get rid of unneeded clothing.

We have all of the places you can donate to that have been around forever.

Thrift stores, local college campuses often do clothing drives for multiple purposes.

We have Pinterest where you can make a clothing swap board, and you can of course list on many sites, not just eBay either!

We have places now online where you can get a box or bag mailed to you (for free), send in your clothing, they will clean them and list them on their website, sell them, ship them, and send you a fair payment.

Threadup is one of these sites but there are others like them.

Facebook even has clothing swap groups, I run one of them!

Let go of the past and welcome the present.

Fashion Keep Recycle Reject Do You Really Need To Keep It

It’s not even about what fashion is in style right now. There are always pieces that are classic and timeless!

It’s about a mental perspective, an attitude, and a permission to let go of the idea of the past so that you can live fully in the now.

Not that the past is something to forget about, I will always remember the styles of the 70’s as I was growing up, and good riddance to bell bottom jeans for that matter,

I hope they never make a comeback! Although the Bohemian style has adapted a lot of the 70’s look. Still, it is not the same as today’s Boho style.

Allow yourself to get past the mental reasons to cling to clothes you won’t wear or can’t wear. Clear up your space for the stuff you can, and will wear.

Want more inspiration for what to Keep recycle reject?

Check out my article Closet Clean Out!

Please leave me a comment.

What are some clothing items you cling to?

When it comes to a clean out what motivates you? What do you do with your unused clothes?


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