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Let’s face it, we all have a problem at one time or another with spending too much, or even if we get great deals, someone in our lives may be calling us out on shopping too much! Now maybe not everyone has had this problem, but most people who read fashion blogs, well I will make the assumption, probably have. With that said, I have made a list of …

15 Ways to Justify Your Shopping Addiction ( I wish you could hear the announcer’s voice echoing the way I can in my head).

1. Everyone has a hobby – this is mine. 

Most everyone has some form of a hobby. For my husband it is woodworking, although granted, at times, his woodworking can bring in an extra buck, still tools can be expensive. Some people are into expensive cigars, or the casino. Some are into model trains, or remote control airplanes. Or for the sports addict, game tickets can run hundreds of dollars, sometimes more!

2. I know I have clothes but people are looking at me funny because the trends have changed! 

Putting out an air of peer pressure, or not looking like you live in this decade can sometimes help, not always but you can give it a try depending on the personality of the person you are trying to convince.

3. I don’t spend money on other things like fancy meals out.

This only actually works if it is true, but if it is true, play it up to the hilt! People spend so much money going out to eat, drinking with friends, or, if the person you need to justify to smokes, consider what that costs them each month. There is always a way to turn the tables on someone who says you shop too much!

4. I only shop sale racks and use coupons.

This is a very good defense usually, but like the defense above, only if it is true! If you are dropping 300.00 on a designer handbag, or more, you probably should not use this defense topic!

5. It was only 10.00!  (My husband’s favorite – note the sarcasm.)

I love 10.00 and under deals, especially when the deals are on great brands! It is very hard for anyone to argue a 100.00 and up item that you only paid 10.00 for! Show them the tags, the receipt, and show them what you didn’t spend that others are!

6. This is the perfect laying piece so I need one in every color! 

This one may go misunderstood, expect maybe by another woman, and even our female friends can be known to accuse us of shopping too much. Be selective of when you use this defense topic, and who you use it with.

7. There was only one left in my size! 

This is another one that may or may not work, depending on who you are defending your shopping to. Women generally get this, men maybe not so much, but express it in his terms. If he is a sports fanatic, and knows tickets are selling out fast, you can ask him what he would have done if the last pair of tickets were up for sale, and he knew it would be his last chance to get his hands on them! That may make him feel more vulnerable and understanding, no one wants to let go of the dream! Sure maybe he never would have actually bought the tickets, but knowing they are going to be obsolete any moment, that is scary stuff to a sports fan!

8. You just bought a … (this is where you bring up something they recently bought). 

This is in fact playing pretty dirty, then again all of these topics are, but this one is fairly childish but I put it out here for you anyway. Use it if you must. Simply remind them that they recently purchased something a little out of the budget, or something you were not expecting. This topic is best used when you spend more on an item than usual.

9. They are not just clothes, they express who I am!

This rebuttal can be a little more sketchy because in a way you are showing your shopping issue is perhaps even deeper than the other person expected. As soon as you say it be ready to do some backtracking and follow up with “I realize that clothing do not make a person’s character, but people don’t judge your character at first sight, they judge what you look like! Again, this may show some level of being shallow, but it is also very true in our society! If you can hold that up with the fact you work in a position that requires you to look great, or are going to some kind of events where people expect you to look a specific way, it holds far more power than if you are like myself, sitting at home writing a blog, even though my blog is about fashion!

10. Bringing up a special occasion in which you had nothing to wear. 

This usually gets some sympathy from the other person, if they can recall when this actually happened. If they have no recollection of this so called event you better be prepared to remind them in great detail, focussing more on how bad you felt at the time rather than what the event actually was. This is playing the guilt card, but it can work.

11. Saying “Oh I thought you said you loved the way I looked in red” (or whatever color the item is that you purchased). 

This is also a mental game to play with your loved one, or close friend. Anyone else confronting you about your shopping should be firmly told to go away and mind their own business. By suggesting you thought and felt that they would be pleased by seeing you in said item, you elevate their own defense mechanism to kick in. This puts them in a place of either having to say that they do not think you look good in red, or whatever color, thus hurting your feelings and letting them down, or to let you down by not reaffirming how great you do look in said color! Either way generally this rebuttal topic will send them into a moment of confusion and silence as they try to figure out how not to upset you! Some people are stronger than this however, and are far too logically based to use this tactic on. Logic based people won’t even acknowledge this emotional tug and will get right back to discussing the cost of the item. Do not use this on a logic based person!

12. My tote is not just a means to carry my stuff, but yours as well, remember how you asked me to carry your keys, and wallet the other day when we were walking the dogs at the park?

This is to be used when you come home with yet another tote, purse, cross body, etc. Very few women who are in a serious relationship, let alone married women have went without being asked to carry something for their significant other! This is only to be used by people in relationships, unless a friend did in fact once ask you to carry his or her things.

13. These heels make my legs look longer, and make me feel taller, and thinner. You don’t want me to feel fat do you?

Okay this one is rather silly I admit, but on the right person it can work! If you have struggled with weight gain, or are a curvier woman like myself, give it a try. If your man knows that you feel this way, he also knows your reflection of yourself is vital to the relationship being a happy one! As they say, happy wife, happy life! Obviously to be used when confronted with buying another pair of heels!

14. I have been dreaming of getting this since last Christmas, it was on my list, don’t you remember?

BOOM! This is a great one! Chances are few people remember what was your on wish list last year. Granted this only works if you had a wish list, but hey you can try it even if not! The other person may wonder if maybe you did have a list and they either forgot about it, or were not listening when you told them about it! Very manipulative but then again aren’t all of these? Basically this rebuttal topic implies that you have waited a long time to get this item, and eventually had to do for yourself since you were forgotten. It plays upon their guilt and inconsideration.

And my favorite..

15. Oh well I picked this up for you…. (then hand them some clothing you bought for them while shopping for yourself).

This works most of the time as you either distract them, or confuse them.
The reason this is my favorite is it always works on my husband. My husband also loves fashion. Interrupting their complaining with gifts may work with your loved ones as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and while some of these ideas may actually work, please don’t abuse them. If you truly have a shopping addiction problem in the true sense of the word, seek help. This post was made in jest, sort of.

So do you think you will try out any of these ideas? Do you have any to share with us? What have you used as a defense for your shopping in the past? Please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

NOTICE: Addiction is a serious issue, and while I have been light about it in my post, if you truly suffer from an addiction, even a shopping addiction, that is costing you to lose your home, unable to pay your bills, and provide for the basic needs of yourself, and your family, please seek help. 

Seeking treatment for an addiction or disorder is the first step on your road to recovery.  Call A Center For Recovery’s treatment hotline and discuss your options with a sympathetic, caring, and trained counselor.  When you call a hotline there is no judgment or condemnation, only compassion and support.  Find help for your shopping addiction today by calling: 1-877-403-3381​. Your call will put you in touch with a counselor experienced in the subject of addiction.  He or she can evaluate your situation and assist you with recommendations regarding all your available treatment options. ​



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