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My Grandfather, Jim was the most wonderful man. I miss him dearly. The other day, as I was going through clothing to put away spring and summer items and pull out our winter wear, I came across some clothes that I had stashed away. Generally, I keep “keepsake” clothes in a special place but some of those items had somehow got funneled in with our regular clothing. I came across my grandfather’s old work shirts that I had kept a few of. You will see it in the upper left photo. It brought back some good memories of my Grandfather who was always so fun, and funny as well.

Some of my fondest memories of him are watching baseball games on television or listening to them on the radio, or going out in the evening for a drive, just to enjoy the drive itself. Or on some occasions, we would stop of an ice cream cone. My grandfather loved his ice cream cones and sandwiches.

Happiness Is ... Remembering My Grandfather Fashion Beyond Forty
My Amazing Grandfather

I have talked about my Grandfather in other posts, and how he taught me to play baseball, and his love for golfing.

Pulling out grandpa’s old work shirts reminded me of how hard he worked, as a janitor for the public school system most all of his life. He was a great guy and I wish he were still with us.

He and I even shared a birthday, and while he was here, he was a wonderful great granddad to my kiddos, (photo bottom left), they called him Grampie Papa.

The photo on the right side on the collage is him in his youth. I can’t remember how he broke his arm, or if any of us ever really knew, but don’t you just love old photos? He was so handsome, and check out those shoes! What a stylish guy. Knowing him he took amazing care of those shoes!

So for me, today, Happiness is… Remembering my Grandfather. I love you Grandpa.


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