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It won’t be long now before families are gathered, good food is on the tables, and everyone is ready to rip into the gifts!

I love Christmas and I am lucky to be able to share the holidays with family, warm, and safe.

Today I am happy that all of our gifts have arrived and they are all wrapped.

All that is left to do is make reindeer food, and wait for Santa to arrive!

Every year since my kids were little we made Reindeer Food on Christmas Eve.

Since my kids have become young adults, we do not always do this together but if one of the kids are home I rope them into the tradition.

If they are not home I make it anyway, because, well either I am weird, or for nostalgia’s sake.

This year I think my daughter and her boyfriend will be making some with me.

So what is reindeer food?

Reindeer food is simply rolled oats, cranberries, nuts, granola, sugar sprinkles, and whatever else you may have laying around in your cupboards.

Then it is sprinkled on the lawn for the reindeer to get quick energy from for their long night ahead. You simply mix it all together, put it in baggies, and wait until Christmas Eve to sprinkle around the lawn.

You simply mix it all together, and wait until Christmas Eve to sprinkle around the lawn.

Reindeer Food Holiday Tradition Fashion Beyond Forty
Reindeer Food

This also makes a cute gift for the little ones in your family if you can get it to them before Christmas Eve.

You can even put a small packet of it in a Christmas card that you mail out.

It is a sweet sentiment for the young, and young at heart.

So if you are looking for a new family tradition, feel free to use ours, and go make some reindeer food with your little ones or grandkids.

Today, for me, Happiness is, holiday traditions and making reindeer food!

I would love to hear about your Holiday Traditions! Please share in the comments below.


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