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I have a granddog, and her name is Suna which means Sun in some cultures.

My son and his girlfriend brought her over today. We are attempting to get our dogs used to Suna so that we can dogsit now and then.

Suna is just a puppy still but is growing fast and going to be a big beautiful dog.

Here she is playing outside with AJ my son’s girlfriend.


Suna my Granddog

Doesn’t she just have the most beautiful face markings!?

She didn’t want to get out of the leaves.

I am thankful to have a granddog before a grandchild and very happy to have spent a little time with Suna today.

That face just brightens everyone up.

AJ is very cute too.

So for me today, Happiness Is, seeing AJ and my Granddog, two pretty girls playing in the leaves.

Do you have a Granddog that you are proud of? I would love to hear about him, or her, in the comments.


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