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With my daughter’s room being painted, and her nightstand redesigned, and having gone to the flea market for her dresser, picking up a cute round corner table along the way, it is time to show off the corner table.

At first, my daughter had planned to redesign everything along the lines of the night stand (linked above). Now she is having second thoughts. She and I both agree that having everything so glam may be overkill. So we are leaving the round corner stand and television stand “as is” although we may buff out some of the surface scratches and re-stain the same color it is now. Her bed headboard, however, may still go glam, or she also has two wall shelves that have the potential for that too.

Cute Corner Table Flea Market Find

We both love the style of this table and a round corner table is a little unusual. We do love the unusual.

She decorated it with a lot of candles, a small plant, her good luck kitty coin bank, a glam tall candle holder, and of course her initial.

The vintage table matches her television stand (inherited from her brother) perfectly.

Also, you can see the freshly painted wall in the background – the color, from the Disney Paint Collection,  is discussed in this post.

I love when things come together, be it well planned or happy accidents. It makes me happy to see her style emerging, even if it changes again in a few years.

So for me, today, Happiness Is … A Cute Corner Table.

Has anything made you happy today? Share your happiness with me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.


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