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A while back, in another home decor post, I had mentioned wanting to get a porthole mirror for my living room.

Well, I finally got one!

I found it at Oriental Trading Company and it was a steal!

I did wait awhile before placing my order because I signed up for their email notifications and I had a feeling if I waited awhile they would eventually offer a sale or free shipping.

They did end up offering free shipping so I bought one.

Porthole Mirror from Oriental Trading Company

I like how it reflects the brass dolphins in the background, my son’s contribution to the living room decor.

It also reflects the big glass bottle wrapped in fishnet I found that not too long ago at an estate sale. Of course, from different angles, it reflects different things.

I like that the porthole looks somewhat old, not that from a current-day cruise ship but something more of an older vessel perhaps.

I love these mirrors and they are not big, only 12 inches by 12 inches.

I think they would look super cute lined up in a child’s room across an accent wall. I guess this the inner child coming out, I think there is something magical about this cute little mirror.

Today for me, Happiness Is … a magical Porthole Mirror.

What brings you happiness? I would love to hear about your joys in the comments.



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