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The photo below may not be the prettiest photo, but it is a reminder of a way to keep the planet pretty!

By doing one simple thing, recycling, we can keep our world cleaner, more beautiful.

This is one week worth of recycling from our household! One week! Can you imagine two weeks, a month, what about a full year?

What if this were going into landfills and not being recycled?

A Full Recycling Bin

I am not the most motivated person in the world but really it is not difficult to put something in one container rather than another.

I only wish more people made this small effort. Not enough of my neighbors are recycling. These are good people, we like them,  but I do wonder why they are not doing it?

Not recycling just does not make sense to me.

I do realize for some, it can be a challenge. Before we had curbside pickup, we did have to load it up in the car and take it to a local center. Some people may not have transportation.

For those who can, however, or have curbside pickup, please utilize it.

For me, today, Happiness Is, a full bin.

What brings you daily happiness?




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