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We purchased a bedside table a few years ago at Hobby Lobby and since then this table has undergone two drastic changes.

I really wish I could locate a photo of the table before any work had been started on it, but my previous computer crashed which had those photos on it.

I do however have a photo of the table during its first transformation (below). Before it was black on all sides, with white flowers down the front sides, and a lot of mixed colors, pink, green, blue, etc. on the drawers.

My daughter just loves to redesign things so she went to work.

Redesign of a Table
My daughter took the table from little girl to shabby chic. Tired of this look she recently redesigned it again and I personally love this new glam look!
Redesign of a Table - From Shabby Chic to Glam

Talk about an extreme makeover!

I wish I could find a photo of the original look of the table.

It was very pretty, but very colorful and vibrant, and also very pre-teen.

My daughter managed through her redesigning to give it a more mature vibe with the shabby chic, country look.

It was gorgeous but once again, she amazes me with a reinvention I never expected!

This new glam fashion style table is so her and you can tell she is super proud of herself. She should be! I am very proud of her too.

I love it when we can take something and redesign it to make it new again.

So for me today, Happiness Is … an inspired, fashionable, new look, by my daughter.

What makes you happy? I would love to hear about your joyful moments in the comments!


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