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Some things are just so random and fun that you have to share with others.

My daughter’s boyfriend has an affinity for bubble wrap. Who doesn’t though right? I know I do!

I think his love for it far succeeds mine or a lot of people’s however.

When a package arrived with a huge portion of bubble wrap I knew exactly what to do with it … give it to my daughter’s boyfriend!

He proceeded to make many things out of it before I grabbed my phone to take photos.

He wore it as a cape and became Bubble Man, that was my favorite thing he did with

Then he decided that it would be a veil.

He then proceeded to not only wear it as one but soon after, take it off and present it to my daughter….

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is ... Bubble Wrap
Aren’t They Just the Cutest!

I think the middle photo says a thousand words!

And her last two poses, how fancy! Little things like this are what Happiness Is posts are all about.

Sure it is nice to snag a great deal on something pretty or find that perfect decor for the home, but if my home were only filled with bubble wrap and moments like this I would be perfectly happy forever.

For me, today, Happiness Is … Bubble Wrap!

Share your happy moments with me please and leave a comment telling me, and other readers what makes you happy.




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