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Disclosure: I have used a referral link to Golden Tote in this post.

Every year our family attends the Mexican Fiesta in our hometown. We have a large Hispanic community and one of our subdivisions holds the fiesta every year. We look forward to listening to ethnic music, the wonderful food, checking out the vendors, and of course the margaritas!

Fiesta Fashion Featuring Jealous Tomato
Fun Decor and Great Food!

Part of the fun of the Fiesta is seeing all of the bright decor. The vendors, and food places look fancied up but even the neighborhood as a whole gets into it. You will see all kinds of fun decorations around the neighborhood.

The food of course is amazing! Authentic enchiladas with peas and potatoes, and one of the best carnitas sandwiches I have ever tasted! Of course you can get all kinds of Mexican food favorites but those are two of the selections I enjoyed most.

Fiesta Fashion Featuring Jealous Tomato
Games, Fashion, Frivolity.

Of course you can buy all sorts of hispanic items, from clothing, to wood carvings. There were some games to play as well from sponsoring businesses.

What I noticed this year is that they seemed to have cut back, if not totally eliminated the non-hispanic type vendor booths. Last year you could buy a lot of cheap items like sunglasses and ball caps, but they were so out of place at the Mexican Fiesta and I am glad they were not around this year.


Fiesta Fashion Featuring Jealous Tomato
My Hubby and I, Taking a Few Selfies.

Oh and yes as I mentioned, margaritas! There are two margarita booths you can buy from at the fiesta. One on either side of the event. We went back and forth a few times in attempt to decide which booth made the better margarita. I am not sure we ended up knowing for sure. We bought the refillable cup which was a little more pricy on the offset but refills were cheaper. Plus now we each have a souvenir.


Fiesta Fashion Featuring Jealous Tomato
As Night Falls on the Fiesta
Once night comes around the fiesta is just getting started! The houses that are decorated light up like a christmas tree, the carnival rides which are located across from the neighborhood in a vacant lot light up, and the entertainment changes from student bands, little girls dancing, and family stuff, to a more excitable tune.
It’s also nice when almost everyone who was roaming the streets checking out the vendors before collect in a large group toward the grandstand. It’s a lot of fun to watch the adults dancing, drinking, and attempting to dance some more.
The place is still very family friendly however, and there were little ones out late with their parents. It’s all for a good time, and charity.
Now I know you didn’t get to see what I wore in the above photos because honestly, I was enjoying myself and totally forgot to ask someone to take a few photos. Truth is, my family sometimes gets tired of me bugging them to snap photos when we are trying to enjoy an event together. So I decided to just snap a few at home.
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
I am horrible about describing patterns. To me this is somewhat southwest. Then again I suppose you could call it aztec too right? Either way, I love the colors, the patterns, and the crochet upper part of the dress. Even the back has a surprise with a cut out which shows off my aging tattoo perfectly. The belt is a rope type belt that you tie at the waist. It did come with the dress.
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
From Golden Tote! Check Them Out!
Now as I said, I received this dress in a Golden Tote shipment about a year ago and the brand is in fact, as the title indicates, Jealous Tomato. Jealous Tomato has some amazing styles that I love but Golden Tote has introduced me to so many amazing brands in the past year.
I thought that this dress was perfection for the fiesta and I did in fact get plenty of compliments on it while there!
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
The Deets!
I styled the Jealous Tomato dress with round wood earrings that had a round metal center drop a with coral and white design on it.
I also wore a pleather bracelet which we got free when we purchased an OPI product or at least that is what I think it came with. It could have been another brand, either way I love it and I get so much use out of this neat little freebie!
A brown satchel was a must with this dress and I love this satchel so much! I have looked all over for more like them – the brand is Sparrow True, from JC Penny years ago. The only place I can find Sparrow True these days is on Ebay.
I decided on the most basic of necklaces because there is so much going on with this dress already and the crochet neckline is decor enough!
Lastly, to finish the look, the perfect Goliath Gladiator Sandals by SE Boutique.
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
My Goliath Pose!
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
I Love This “Walden” Look!
SE Boutique Goliath Gladiator Sandals
SE Boutique Goliath Gladiator Sandals
Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
Jealous Tomato Dress via Golden Tote, Sparrow True Satchel from JC Penny

You can sign up with Golden Tote here – a month by month service that sends you one chosen item and one surprise item for 49.00 OR two chosen items and up to three surprise items for 149.00. You simply will not find a better deal than this ladies if you love boutique clothing! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our time at the Fiesta Mexicana 2015 and liked my over forty styling. We are never too old to look great, and have fun with fashion! 


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