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Today I am sharing with you my husband’s and my experience with the Acquapura Personal Water Filtration System.

I have always wanted a personal water filter system for our emergency kit.

In fact, I think it would be a great idea to have one in each vehicle as well.

You just never know when you could get stranded by the roadside.

This could especially come in handy if you take a lot of road trips.

It would be scary to be stranded without water in a remote location!

We also have a lot of storms in Kansas, water can become too dangerous to drink.

The winter water lines can freeze if we have a harsh winter, which also makes driving to pick up more water at the store dangerous.

Then we have a zombie apocalypse, Armageddon, and end times … well okay, it could happen!

Anyway, I have always wondered how well these personal water filter systems work!

I was able to try one out so let me share with your our findings…

Acquapura Personal Water Filter – This Could Save Your Life!

Acquapura Personal Water Filtration System Pinterest Image

Disclosure: I received the Acquapura Personal Water Filter System free to facilitate this review. 

Below are our videos of drinking the water directly from the stream.

The second video shows you water from the stream in a water bottle to show how dirty the stream water was.

My husband even puts some extra sand and dirt into it to demonstrate that nasty the water turned out perfectly clear with Acquapura!

Video One – Drinking Water from the stream with the Acquapura Personal Water Filtration System.

Video Two – Showing dirty nasty water turned clean with the Acquapura Personal Water Filtration System.

Now I will admit… I did not want to try it for myself.

If I had to I would and I am sorry that I did not.

It is not so much that I do not trust the water filtration system because you can see how clean it got the water, it’s just with having medical issues as it is, I really do not want to test the boundaries unless I have to.

With all the above said and shown … I am not a scientist nor medical doctor.

Therefore, I can not attest to the safety of using ANY water purification system.

I will say however, I will be buying several more of these.

Since I want each of my kiddos to have one and I would not mind having a few more around!

There is a shelf life … 1 year from the first use, or 3 years with no use. 

Let Me Know Your Thoughts On Acquapura Water Filtration In Comments!

What do you think?

Do you have one?

Going to get one?

Would you use one?

Was I a chicken for not trying it out? 

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