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Ladies, I love clothing. I love all types of styles. If truth be told, however, I am a gypsy. I realize that term is offensive to some, and I apologize if that is the case. Today’s term for this style is Bohemian. Whatever the case may be, politically correct or not, I love the easy breezy styles that boho fashions offer. Clothing that moves with your body, is non-restricting, clothing that is full of color and fun! Granted I also love the classical looks and colors as well, and I have no problem wearing just about anything you can throw at me, from a more urban look to classic designs. However, when I put on something from Nomads Clothing, I just feel freer, more me!

Going from the urban or suburban looks to something that is so liberating feels good! Plus Nomad’s Clothing is all Fair Trade which means a lot to me.

So this my friends is where the sidewalk ends, and where the true gypsy in me comes out!

Back to the Gypsy That I Was with Nomads Clothing
Boho Fashion Feels So Good! Nomad’s Clothing

I selected this Printed Waterfall Waistcoat from Nomad’s Clothing to show off their Boho Fashions. You can find this item and more in their Cardigans and Shrugs category.

When you select your items and check out be sure to use the coupon code BLOG20 for 20% off your purchase!

Nomads Clothing Enter into Nature!
From Urban into Nature …

Nomad's Clothing Back to Nature Boho Style!
Boho Style Natural and Free


Nomad's Clothing Coupon Code
At the Stream
Easy Breezy Bohemian Fashion
Gorgeous Nomad’s Clothing Waterfall Waistcaot
Not Truly Boho If Your Shoes Are Still On!
You’re Not Truly Boho if Your Shoes Are Still On!
Back to the Gypsy That I Was with Nomads Clothing - Coupon Alert!
Everyone Needs To Splash a Little!


Back to the Gypsy That I Was with Nomads Clothing - Coupon Alert!
Gotta Have Great Accessories!


Bangles and Beads are Totally Boho!


Nomads Clothing with Cute Accessories - So Boho!
Cute Shoes and Rolled Cuffs!
Nomads Clothing Back To Nature One More Gorgeous View!

While I never want to leave this place it was time to breathe in one more gorgeous view and head back home. I can’t say enough good things about Nomad’s Clothing. From being Fair Trade, to the prices being so affordable, to the story about how Duncan and Vicky started Nomad’s Clothing, a story you can read on the site. I am all about feeling good in what I wear, and I know that you are too, so check them out please and come back and comment about what you bought!



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