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Hey everyone! I have a lot of pets. Five cats, and sadly down to one pup. We lost two dogs this year. They were getting old, it does not make it any easier of course, but we had time to prepare luckily. We love our animals, and we spoil them rotten!
Once a month I receive free products from Chewy.com to test and tell others about. Usually pet treats, or fun toys. Because I have enjoyed my experience with Chewy.com so much I became a customer! I will tell you more about the customer experience soon, but first let me show you my cats newest toy. Actually not a toy but a kitty condo! This thing is huge and it was super affordable too!
Armarkat Cat Tree from Chewy.com

The Armarkat Cat Tree is super easy to assemble, although it is heavy. I am glad I was home to open the garage door so the delivery guy could move it into the garage for me!

This thing is like the Taj Mahal for cats!

With eight total levels, four pedestal platforms, a cozy cubby with window and door, a hole with a rope hanging through, a fuzzy ball hanging from a elastic string, eleven scratching posts, two comfortable side railed upper level sleeping areas, and five other areas to sit and play, you can not beat this cat tree, period!

I have looked all over from local pet stores, online, even chain stores, to find a good quality, and affordable cat tree, and finally I have “the one”.

Not only is this Armarkat Cat Tree made super sturdy, without wobble, it looks great!


Armarkat Cat Tree

Ignore the stained looking area in the lower left, that is powder cat nip I rubbed into the carpeting. Probably not the best idea but I could not find my catnip spray. I will need to look harder for that as it is super handy!

The Armarkat Cat Tree even came with the one tool you need to put it together.

Here are the exact dimensions:

Overall Dimensions: 32 x 27 x 78 inches
Base Dimensions: 24 x 20 inches
House Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 12 inches
Perch Dimensions: 15 x 15 inches
Max Holding Weight: 70 lbs
Yes it is super tall!

Just look at how cozy my Vino looks in the box!


Chewy.com Where Pet Lovers Shop!

JubJub, our least social kitty has even began to come out of my daughter’s room more often and get involved with the others on the tree! I can’t ask for more than that! He loves the perch you see him on here. He has not ventured to the highest level just yet, but I hope he gets his confidence to do so. For now, he has claimed this perch.

Oh and remember I told you it was a great deal right? Well I don’t know what you are used to pay for a cat tree like this if you have ever found one, but for our last cat tree, we paid a little over 50.00 and it was only two levels, not made anywhere near as well as this one, not whatsoever, and fell apart within 5 months! Plus while it was still holding up it wobbled the entire time. Many times it fell over and almost crushed my little pup! We can’t have unsafe products for our furkids!

The Armarkat Cat Tree is only $123.84 from Chewy.com believe it or not! To me, that is a steal of a deal!

Oh and wait, free shipping too!


Chewy.com Where Pet Lovers Shop!

Not only do you get free shipping when you order $49.00 or more from Chewy.com but they offer 24/7 customer service that is 5 stars all the way!

My order arrived in two days! It was like magic. Plus if you need to contact customer service you will get someone who is so very friendly, happy, and enthusiastic to help!

If you have pets check out Chewy.com they have everything you need from collars, to pet treats, pet food, including Science Diet, bowls and feeders, flea and tick medicine, toys, grooming needs, beds, crates and gear, really everything the pet lover needs!

Chewy.com Where Pet Lovers Shop!




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