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If you have ever wondered if there is anything special about Kansas, let me tell you, as a Kansas Native, indeed there is! This is my Summer to Fall fashion transition and journey at a beautiful place called Iliff Commons where the beauty of nature is absolutely undeniable!

Gorgeous Kansas Prairie and Skyline

Granted you can look up at the sky from anywhere in the world and see stunning beauty, but something about seeing the sky above a Kansas prairie is just extra special!
Kansas Indigenous Plants
There are so many gorgeous indigenous plant species to behold!


Kansas Fashion and Style

My fashion transition from Summer to Fall includes a pleated skirt from American Eagle Outfitters with a delicate floral print, and a simple pink to peach hued top from French Connection. My purse is from James & Co. – Lady Godiva boots finish the look along with some fun accessories.


Kansas Prairie

You may have heard that if you don’t like the weather in Kansas, wait a minute, it will change. While we had very lovely weather during our walk, there were times that a haze settled over the prairie.

Trails off Iliff Commons

Iliff Commons has one main trail however all around it are paths that offer a more intense hike, or run, totaling a 5K for those who like a little extra workout. I love the trails because in some places there are ropes you have to use to get up or down a cavern. We did not venture into this area on this day however we are going back soon to tackle it in more appropriate clothing.


Iliff Commons Cabin

Iliff Commons has been making changes and improvements. One addition was a lovely play area and resting place. This adorable cabin was one of the new additions.


Fun at Iliff Commons Topeka Kansas

We can’t wait to come up during cooler months and enjoy the campfire. The inside of the cabin is adorable!


Iliff Commons New Rest Area

It’s nice to have a place to go to just be still, or frolic, have a picnic, take a hike, and just absorb nature. Soon it will be cold, the colors will be changing, and I look forward to the changes to come so that I can take in each season and appreciate the beauty around me.


Fall to Summer Fashion Transition
Stunning Nature

I love this photo below with the cloud reflecting in the pond.


Iliff Commons Pond - Reflective Cloud in Water
Iliff Commons Walking the Plank


Summer to Fall fashion transition can be so many things. For me on this sunny day it was getting one last chance to wear a mini skirt, something I do not do very often. Pairing with the cute boots from Lady Godiva allowed a small welcome of Fall, without a huge commitment! Playing on colors from both Summer and Fall was fun. Summery coral colors, mixed with the yellow skirt with brown foliage eases one into the cooler weather to come.


Gorgeous Kansas
Heading back we come across more sunflowers. Of course Kansas is the sunflower state although these are by far not the tallest or largest sunflowers you will find in Kansas. Iliff Commons is however filled with them.
Kansas Sunflowers and SashkaCo Bracelets
Showing some love to SashkaCo and their gorgeous bracelets. I swear they have colors and patterns for every look you want to match! Don’t they just go perfectly with the sunflowers!
Cute Resting Places at Iliff Commons Topeka Kansas
Iliff Commons has little surprises here and there, such as lovely places to sit and take a rest, or just reflect on the beauty around you.
Iliff Commons Monument
At the entry, which is also the exit, of Iliff Commons there is a monument in honor of the Iliff’s.
The Last Song of Bilbo Baggins at Iliff Commons
I could not help but get a little misty reading this. I could totally relate to the sentiment especially after experiencing this majestic place.
The Last Song of Bilbo Baggins at Iliff Commons
Do you have a favorite place in your home town that you love to visit? How do you make your Summer to Fall fashion transition? Please leave a comment below, I love hearing from all of you!



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