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Wow it seems only a year ago the Royals were in the World Series. Oh wait, it was only one year ago!

Now I am not the world’s biggest baseball fan, but my love of baseball goes back to my youth. You will see that I also wrote a Happiness Is … about this last year!

Happiness Is ... World Series!!

As I mentioned last year, my grandfather was a huge KC Royals fan. I would fall asleep as a child to the sounds of either AM radio or our black and white television playing the games.

Something about the roar of the crowd, the cheers, and the bat hitting the ball is still a comfort to me. Just as memories of my grandfather are a comfort to me too.
Now I realize there are plenty of New York Mets fans out there and I wish both teams the best of luck, games played well, and a great sense of pride for both teams. I wish they both could win the series. Heck, I wish all the teams could play in the series, but that is not the way this works.

I always feel bad for the losing team.

Even if it is not the team I am rooting for. There are deep emotions in the game. Then I remember they are doing something they love. Getting paid big bucks to play baseball. Then I do not feel so bad for anyone haha!

Still, for me, baseball is about memories, great ones. Also spending time with my family watching the games, although when the game goes into fourteen innings and past midnight and the family has to get up and work the next day, staying up for it all can be a challenge!

There is nothing like being at a baseball game in person, however!

The 7th Inning Stretch being an American favorite of course! Did you know that there is a full musical score to this song with lyrics you probably have never heard before!? My daughter sang the full song at a competition many years ago. You should google it!

I had my first taste of Cracker Jacks at a baseball game.

The best tasting popcorn at a baseball game, the best hot dogs, and the best cotton candy ever! Okay maybe it is not really the best, but the feeling one gets from a group of people all gathered for a common goal seems to evoke these feelings, and sensations, like nothing other.

Are you watching the World Series? Are you a fan? Which team are you rooting for?

Did your team come close but not quite make it? What are your special memories involved around? I would love to know what makes you happy and brings back your special memories in the comments below.



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