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I do not go all fan girl over just anything but I am going to confess, I have been a major X-Files fan since it came on the air in 1993.

After hearing rumors for ages about another X-Files movie, or the possible return of the X-Files to television I really rather gave up up. In fact I stopped even following wether it was coming back or not. It was just too depressing when nothing happened!

During the World Series I saw proof! Proof that the X-Files will once again exist in my life! A commercial!

Yes my beloved X-Files will be back on the air, for however long, starting in January! Be still my heart!

It may only be one season as they say it will be, or they may say that and decide to make another, we all know how these things can go. It all depends on ratings right? Regardless here is the trailer if you are anywhere near as excited as I am!


GAH!!! This is the best new year EVER!

X-Files will be on Fox, as always, and the first episode airs on January 24th, 2016.

Creator, Chris Carter says that six episodes are planned. I have my fingers crossed for more, although I am curious to see how the tone of the show feels compared to the eerie, dark, and sometimes bizarrely humorous episodes of the past.

So who else is excited along with me? Anyone? Do I have fellow any X-Philes out there? I would love to hear from you!

Now I am off to watch more recent trailers and get all frantic!



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