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It’s that time again for more introspection with #BehindTheBlogger – a writing prompt and link up group that I am proud to be a part of.

Each of us who are part of the #BehindTheBlogger group can write whatever comes to mind in regard to the prompt. Sometimes funny, usually introspective, other times enlightening, we all reveal a part of ourselves in these posts. I hope you are enjoying them and please leave a comment if you feel inclined.

It Will All Make Sense Someday

So now my take on “It Will All Make Sense Someday” …

Some of you know that I am not just a blogger, but also a spiritual advisor.
In my work as a spiritual advisor, one of the things I often tell my clients is that everything happens for a reason, even if you can’t fathom what that reason is right now.
It is true, it will all make sense someday! As a mother, I have also said the same thing to my children. As a friend, I have told my friends the same.

Things happen, and even when we can’t determine why, even when bad things happen, something else comes around later on and we have our Ah Ha! a moment where it all adds up.

I realize that it is hard to tell someone everything happens for a reason when going through something horrible, traumatic, painful, or life altering in a negative way, but from my experience in life thus far, one thing I have learned is there is a light in the darkness, even in the worst of times.
I know it sounds as if I am undermining any struggles a person may be going through and saying “oh it will get better, there is a reason for all of this”, is not to dismiss the current pain a person is in, but rather a fact, and means of giving hope in the darkest of times.

Certainly, I would never start out with this type of statement.

People need to grieve, mourn, and talk things out. People, myself included, need sympathy, empathy, and understanding. A shoulder to lean on, a gentle hug, and a warm heart to hear them out. However, I do always try to fit in there somewhere the truth as I know it, things do get better, there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, there is a bigger plan, and a reason for everything.

I have experienced this time and again in my own life, feeling that some moment that I was in was the end of the world, or that I could not take one more “hit” to my emotional well-being, and at times physical well-being, before falling over and giving up. As a mother at times it was seeing my children suffer, which is the worst when your kids suffer it effects a parent as if it is happening to them, whatever it is.
Surely most everyone has had a moment like this at least once in life, either due to a romantic relationship, a physical ailment, a family matter, whatever the case may be, there are lessons to be learned, experiences we, as spiritual beings must endure, in order to gain perspective or empowerment of some kind.
I can not say I can explain every situation, and what this “better outcome” will be for every person. Nor can I say that I have learned or experienced my higher power lessons in full yet. On some matters I am still waiting for that light to shine, and that Ah Ha! moment to arrive. What I can say, and what I do know, is I have experienced enough of the sad times, and enough proof of the reasons they occurred, to say I believe. I believe there is a higher order, a higher power, that works with us, to carry us through each tiresome time, each tribulation, and aid us in becoming a higher being in one way or another, even if we can’t see it at the time.

Yes, I am still waiting on a few of my Ah Ha! moments to arrive, but I know that they will, yours will come too. As the old saying goes, tie a knot and hang on, it will all make sense someday!

It Will All Make Sense Someday

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