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As we hopefully all know by now, October was Beast Cancer Awareness Month. I did not get out to get my Mammogram in October but I did get mine yesterday.

There is a new option in Mammograms which is done with 3D imaging. Now I do not know a lot about it except for that it is what is normally done if something is found in the regular mammogram. Basically, if they find anything of concern, we would generally have to go back for this 3D imaging anyway. Now it is being offered up front.

Get your mammography scheduled today!

The potential issue is, many insurances companies refuse to cover the 3D screening. This means you may have an out of pocket expense of up to 100.00 or so.

When I was offered the option this was explained to me, and I decided to go with the 3D imaging even if it cost a little more.

Some of my reasons for getting the 3D Mammogram are:

1. It’s my health and you can’t put a price on health.

2. It is always better to find out sooner, rather than later, especially if something were to be wrong.

3. I would not want to go back again should they find something “off” in the regular mammogram. I would rather only have to go in once for the correct result.

4. There is a chance my insurance will cover it.

There is another reason however, and probably the most important reason of all. Insurance companies need to know how important it is to get the best screening possible the first time around!

It appears that insurance companies would rather pay for two mammograms on the chances being greater that most women would not need the 3D imaging. I feel that is only putting the risk on us!

The insurance companies are rolling the dice on our health, thinking the odds are in their favor for not having to pay for the second 3D mammogram. The cost on our health, potentially our lives is $100.00 ladies.

The process for the 3D Mammogram is exactly the same as the regular Mammogram as far as our personal experience goes. I was in and out of the appointment in less than 20 minutes.

Ladies, please be sure to schedule your mammogram if you have not already had one done this year. 


Get your mammography scheduled today!

I personally am at higher risk for breast cancer due to having type 1 diabetes but also due to breast cancer being predominant on the material side of my family so I get a screening every year. You may not need to get a mammogram as often but please consult your healthcare provider.

According to my research, a woman of average risk should start speaking to her doctor about mammograms by the age of 40. I started my screenings around the age of 35.

A great resource for how to conduct self-checks, what age you should begin your self-checks, and even resources on free breast exams, is CanCan Health (formerly known as Check Your Boobies). I personally like the new name better. CanCan Health has a service where they will email you reminders on when to do your self-checks!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with CanCanHealth, nor am I being paid to mention them in this article, I just like their website and feel it provides a valuable resource to my readers.

Whether you decide to go with the 3D mammogram or the regular screening, I do hope you will get your mammogram scheduled if your doctor recommends it.

I will update later on my own results. Fingers crossed I get good news!




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