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Some of you may already know that my husband and I have been getting into cooking more lately, thanks to Blue Apron, which you can read more about in this article.

Happiness Is... Foodie Adventures Connecting Through Cooking

I personally have always loved to cook but I have never enjoyed shopping for food.

I also just do not have a lot of time to do so.

We live in the country, although not far into the country, but still, getting to the store is always a pain. Also as I mentioned in a previous post I end up having so much food waste having to buy more than I need to make a meal for two. While my daughter still lives at home, she is usually either working, at her

While my daughter still lives at home, she is usually either working, at her boyfriend’s or is not into the same foods we enjoy.

What is really cool is that my husband is catching onto new foods, new flavors, and new presentation skills.

Just the other day we decided to make a quick salad. My husband said that he would make it so I could get other things done. What he brought to me was so beautiful. While maybe “just a salad” he said “It’s all about presentation, right?” with a grin on his face.

Happiness Is... Foodie Adventures Connecting Through Cooking

I do realize the image is a bit blurry, but my mind was far more on eating this pretty salad than snapping photos.

He had sliced the tomatoes perfectly, drizzled the dressing on with flair, and even crumbled up the croutons so that they were more evenly spread throughout the salad. In the past, he never would have considered any of this. He would have simply plopped in whole cherry tomatoes and croutons and poured on the dressing in one lump then mixed it all up.

I was super proud of him.

We enjoy our cooking together very much and consider it “date night” when we do it. We enjoy learning about new foods, such as the cone cabbage in the top image of this article. I had no idea this even existed. We have also developed an appreciation for foods we did not previously care for such as beets.

Finding time for each other is important and we really love cooking together.

It is a nice break away from spending time on the sofa watching television, which is fun, but somewhat disconnected from each other, even if the time is spent cuddling.

Connecting through cooking helps balance us as a couple, allowing us to learn to work as a team.

We even have our patterns of movement in our small kitchen synchronized, noticing each other’s non-verbal cues of when to move this way or that depending on what the other is doing. It’s a nice feeling to be in sync like that as a couple and we definitely can’t get that sitting on the sofa watching television.

So for me, happiness is foodie adventures with my husband, and connecting through cooking.

What makes you happy? Do you have a special way you connect with your loved ones? Have you tried date night in the kitchen? Please comment below and share your story. 



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