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Disclosure: I had previously received a pair of Alterre shoes for a survey, I am not being compensated for this post.

A few months ago I was really lucky to be selected to participate in a trial to help out a new shoe brand, Alterre Shoes, with their upcoming line of designer women’s shoes.

All I had to do was wear the shoes, try them out, and report back in a survey about my feelings on the shoes.


My Alterre Shoes

I was impressed with the concept from the get go.

There Is Nothing Else Like Alterre Shoes!

Alterre Shoes How To

I fell madly in love with them and have been dying to tell you all about them. However,  the line had not yet been launched so I had to wait.

Well now the line has officially launched and I get to show you what I received.

Alterre shoes wanted to solve the problem many women have when it comes to being able to transition from work to a night out on the town.
Also for women who travel we know how difficult it is to pack more than a couple of pair of shoes.
Alterre has developed a way to stay looking fashionable without the hassle of packing multiple pairs or having to take your “out on the town” shoes to work with you.

Alterre Shoes Travel Easy!

If you have ever struggled with any of this then Alterre shoes are for you.

Let me show you what I mean by 2 in 1 starter kit …

The first image below shows you what a “kit” looks like – you choose a Lift which is the base of the shoe, then you select two Looks, which are the straps. The Looks change the look of the shoe.
Alterre Kit

Alterre Look 1:


Alterre Look

Alterre Look 2:


Alterre Look
Alterre has six different Starter Kits and eleven different Looks to choose from.
Each Starter Kit comes with One Lift and two Looks to get you started.
You can always buy more Lifts or add new Looks to your current Lifts as well. This gives you an amazing array of mix and match styles to wear.
Alterre Change Your Look

 So Many Possibilities With Alterre!

All in all, we are presented with 65 possible combinations that are easy to switch into different overall shoe designs.
This is perfect for the busy woman on the go, travelers, work to play, busy moms, dau to night, you name it – Alterre has it.
Better yet … Alterra shoes are comfortable.
There is nothing better than a comfy pair of fashionable shoes right ladies?

Alterre Shoes are designed in New York and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil, plus Alterre donates 5% of all proceeds to Women’s Abuse Shelter Restore NYC so you get to do good while looking good!

Alterre Kit
Check out this short video showing some of the styles and how you switch from one look to another:

Seriously, isn’t Alterre just the best thing you have seen in ages!?

I am super excited about being able to have an entire shoe wardrobe with no more worries about dragging along multiple pairs of shoes when I travel.

I can simply pack one or two Lifts, and several Looks (which take up very little space) and have tons of options to choose from.

Have you seen the Alterre line before?

Which pair of these fashionable shoes would you choose?


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