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Disclosure: I received these gorgeous moc boots from FaeMoon Wolf Designs to facilitate this review.

Your boot collection is not complete until you own a pair of custom made, hand crafted, moc boots from FaeMoon Wolf Designs.

I struggle to describe what it feels like to wear a pair of boots that were crafted just for me, from my measurements, and outlines of my own two feet! In a word, amazing! Yet, amazing is just not good enough. These mocs are like a second skin, with warmth, and ample protection from the elements, and the ground beneath my feet.

FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins

There are so many things I want to tell you about FaeMoon Wolf Designs, and Katy and CrowWolf the owners, that it is also difficult to know where to begin so let’s take another look at these gorgeous boots before I try….

FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
So to start, I want to let you know that FaeMoon Wolf Designs makes a lot more than Moccasins, however they have a vast selection of them! They also make everything from baby mocs, to medicine bags, dream catchers, and hair ties, just to name a few of their products available. They are a must stop Etsy Shop for your holiday shopping and I always love to send my readers toward small business when possible.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs
Let’s meet Katy and CrowWolf …

Katy of FaeMoon Wolf Designs
That is Katy, a super cool, and super sweet person that I am so happy to have met, and am getting to know more about. Katy is an herbalist and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has combined her love of herbs, gemstones, beading and energy to create a line of delicious handcrafted herbal teas and beautiful gemstone and seed bead designs. She also enjoys creating the bead work for Crowwolf’s leather designs.
Now, let’s meet CrowWolf …
CrowWolf of FaeMoon Wolf Designs
CrowWolf is the talent behind the leather work of FaeMoon Wolf Designs. CrowWolf is the Owner, Designer, and Artisan who creates beautiful, unique Native American Inspired leather craft, jewelry and more. Crowwolf learned the traditional way of leather crafting and jewelry making as passed down from Elders. He keeps these traditions alive through his wonderful creations.
Katy and CrowWolf live off grid, homesteading in Southern Colorado.

All of FaeMoon Wold Designs items are handmade and one of a kind and they would like for you to know the following:


The pictures of our moccasins and other custom made to order pieces are to show the workmanship and quality. Leather texture and finish varies from hide to hide. We use quality hides from animals humanely treated and DO NOT support factory farming of any animal. Each order is handmade, moccasins are handsewn one stitch at a time and no machine is involved in the creation process. Crowwolf honors the ancient traditions of the Lakota in his handcrafted leather designs.

Many of you may know that I detest factory farming. I do prefer vegan leather in most cases, because with most retailers we have no idea where the hides come from or how the animals were treated. I think it is a known fact that Native American culture has always been about respecting nature, use of all parts of an animal, and giving thanks for what the animal provides us. I know that Katy and CrowWolf do a blessing for each product they make. My boots were smudged, (short description: a blessing done while burning sage), before they were mailed to me. Respect to Katy and CrowWolf, and his ancestors.

FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
I have to say we have had some intense ice storms already this season and it took me quite a while to get the photo shoot done for this article. but not because of the boots! The problem was it was so gloomy I could not get any clear pretty images to share with you. Also my camera was getting wet, and I was getting cold. The boots however, were awesome! My feet were warm, and dry the entire time!
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
Truly the mocs boots are like a second skin, except cozy, warm, comforting. I have told my husband several times they are better than any slippers I have ever owned because they are so very comfy but also you can absolutely wear them outside in any weather! Hey let’s face it, I work from home all day every day, and I like being comfortable! Now I can be relaxed, laid back, and fashionable in my FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins! Plus I can run to the store in them and not feel silly for forgetting to put real shoes on. I admit, I have left the house in my slippers before!
I mean look at the image above, you can literally meditate in these boots ladies! I can’t say that about any other pair of boots I own! Other boots are stiff, do not have bend to them, and would never allow me for such flexibility and comfort.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins

You all know, if you follow my blog how much I love nature, when I wear my FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moc Boots, I feel grounded and at one with the nature around me. I believe it is that they are made with so much love and care, blessed, and the animals honored in the process. I won’t even pretend to know or understand Native American traditions or people, but I have always been intrigued and respectful of them.

FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
Oh and speaking of running out of the house to go to the store in my slipper like comfort moc boots, I did go to the store in them this week, and I received so many compliments and was asked on several occasions where I bought them! I suppose if you embarrass easily of compliments that would be the only downfall of wearing a pair of FaeMoon Wolf Design boots! Luckily I had a few of their business cards on me at the time and was able to joyfully hand them out! Be sure you request some business cards too when you order your boots, or whatever you may order from FaeMoon Wolf Designs, you will need them! I need to request more myself now.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
Whatever style you are going for these boots do in fact work with many other looks. I have worn them with a tunic dress, leggings and a tee, a skirt and blouse, and as you see in this article, jeans and a sweater.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
I think a lot of times people think if you are going to wear specific things you have to be going for a specific look. I disagree! I have worn cowboy boots with a dress before, and I can wear moccasin boots with skinny jeans if I want. I think all of the looks I mentioned above rocked! As long as you feel comfortable the look will work.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins
I wanted to share some close up images of the mocs, plus please notice the bottom middle photo … I have been wearing these boots for a good while now, you can tell by looking at the bottoms of them. Okay sure, not a really attractive image, but you can see that they have been worn. This is a testament to their comfort, their quality of design, and their warmth, as well as protection. As a type 1 diabetic I take my foot care seriously. Diabetics can not risk harm or injury to their feet. I trust these mocs to protect my tootsies, and they have been.
FaeMoon Wolf Designs Moccasins

Had to share this gorgeous image of CrowWolf above.

FaeMoon Wolf Designs offers layaway, payment plans, and gift certificates. Message them for details.

Personally I think giving a gift of custom designed, hand made moccasins for the holidays is one of the most cherished gifts a person could receive. Granted CrowWolf can only make so many before the holidays arrive but a gift certificate is a better idea anyway as then your gift recipient can not only pick their own mocs which would be more personal to them, but they can also properly measure, and outline their feet for the perfect fit!

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And please remember to give small business some love this holiday season by shopping small



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