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The past two weeks have been rough. My Grandmother went into Hospice after a few days in the hospital and she passed on March 23rd.

While obviously a sad experience, it was her time. My Grandmother struggled with Alzheimer’s for many years which was a difficult struggle for her as well as our family. Her husband, my Grandfather passed in 1999, and six years ago she lost her best friend, her twin sister. Between the struggle with Alzheimer’s and her insufferable pain of losing her two biggest loves, she was ready to go so we know she is in a better place reunited with her loved ones on the other side. For the family, it was a relief, and I do not say that to sound insensitive but I am sure those of you who have lost loved ones who were suffering will understand.

R.I.P. Grandma - What I Remember Most
My Grandfather and Grandmother – Aren’t They Lovely

What I want to do is celebrate her life and in doing so I wanted to share a few things about my Grandmother that I remember most:

I Remember that you walked me to and from school every day. I am sure it was exhausting for you because it would be exhausting for me now and you were the age I am now back then! How much time it took from your day, yet you always made the walks so much fun! I know you had a lot on your plate and many times probably had to sacrifice your own personal time to do this for me.

I Remember your bright red lipstick and how beautiful you always were. You always had such a classic beauty.

I Remember making crafts with you when I was small. Clove oranges and candy canes made out of beads and pipe cleaner around Christmas time were my favorites. You taught me how to make stained glass windows out of wax paper and melted crayons, something I did with my own children.

I Remember attending church with you and going to Bible School as you helped teach my class. I had some great fun and always felt like the teacher’s pet.

I Remember you wearing that bright red coat while driving Grandpa’s brown car. You looked like a starlet and I admired you.

I Remember walking to the corner store to get a sundae, or candy when I was very young. It was always a special treat to take those walks with you knowing some goodie was waiting when we arrived.

I Remember visiting Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill with you and Grandpa. I loved visiting them, listening in on your conversations, even at a young age I knew how close you were all to each other. It was fun to listen in on the adult conversation and get to discover all the gadgets in Uncle Bill’s workshop.


R.I.P. Grandma - What I Remember Most
Twins Monica and Mary Ann – So Beautiful!

I Remember playing Pollyanna at our big family table which was always much fun. I also remember the grown ups playing Pitch in the evenings. I know that you helped inspire my love for board and card games to this day.

I Remember how you used to mix up all of our names when you were getting after one of us kids. I used to think it was so funny and I do to this day as I mix up my own kids names when getting after them.

I Remember your fried baloney sandwiches, your amazing goulash, a recipe I have previously shared, and when you made homemade peanut brittle with Great Grandma Olson in that tiny kitchen. I will never know how you managed to make so many wonderful things in such a small space.

I Remember how you decorated the perfect Christmas tree with such vivid color. I still have a few of your ornaments tucked away for safe keeping. I have tried to decorate my tree the way you did but I can never quite capture the feeling your holiday decor gave me.

I Remember sitting on the front porch with you sipping on instant iced tea. You loved your tea.

I Remember how much you enjoyed your grandkids and how you were always happy to give me a break while you took them for walks.

There are so many things I remember about you Grandma and I thank you for being the beautiful woman you were. I know you are happy now back home with your sister and Grandpa.



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