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I am not the only one in the household who likes to look and feel pretty. Our Lyla enjoys being pampered too. Since her birthday was just this past April 1st we took her into PetSmart® for a dog grooming spa treatment from head to toe.
PetSmart Grooming Lyla the Pomeranian Mix with a perfect groom colorful tail, feathers, nails painted.
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Spring has finally sprung and your pet may be looking a tad bit dowdy from playing in the mud or snow.

Their skin may also be flaking and dry as well.

Cold weather can dry our skin and it can dry your pet’s skin too.

Being inside more often during the winter weather can also dry out your pet’s skin from the dry heat of your home.

That’s why getting your pet professional dog grooming is great for their health and happiness.

PetSmart® wants to help you help your pets put their best paw forward with PetSmart dog grooming.

PetSmart dog grooming. Lyla with her groomer

We have always been very careful about where we take our Lyla for dog grooming.

Lyla broke her leg when she was just a pup and now as she is older she suffers from knee caps that pop out of place as well as arthritis in her legs.

Standing for a long time to get groomed is not easy for her and her balance is very poor.

When we told our groomer at PetSmart about Lyla’s issues she was so caring, so kind, and totally understanding.

Our dog groomer at PetSmart was amazing easing all of our concerns. 

Lyla received so many wonderful services at PetSmart® that I did not even know were available to pets!

I admit I was a little jealous.

I mean if Very Berry Face Wash sounds good to us it surely has to be wonderful for our pets right!?

Let’s talk about the paw massage though … can you imagine how good that feels to a pet?

I sure can! Speaking of paws, paws need TLC too.

They become so dry and rough.

Imagine how our skin feels when it is dry.

Pet’s need to keep their paws in good shape, after all, they are on them all of the time.

Lyla Before and After PetSmart Dog Grooming

One of the many services Lyla received at PetSmart grooming was a conditioning treatment which soothed and restored her dry flaky skin.

We had noticed this past winter her skin was drier than ever and the flakes very noticeable on her black fur.

After her treatment at PetSmart her skin felt so moisturized and so smooth, she smelled amazing too.

I do not know what kind of magic potion they use on our pets but Lyla is still smelling beautiful.

Booking Lyla’s appointment was so simple.

We looked up the available pet grooming services online and then made our appointment right there.

PetSmart made the entire process so easy and comforting for us, and for our Lyla.

You can just see the pride Lyla feels.

Dog Grooming At #PetSmartGrooming After photo of proud Lyla

Lyla is not necessarily a girly dog but she feels better and is much happier since her PetSmart grooming visit.

She loves her new dog groomer and can’t wait to go back again soon.

We discovered that making our grooming appointment was super easy and PetSmart groomers are truly the best.

The groomers helped us out every step of the way, answered all of our questions and explained the process thoroughly.

They of course oohed and awed over our precious Lyla which every pet parent loves!

Visit PetSmart online and book your pet’s appointment today.

Services for both dogs and cats available. 

Visit PetSmart on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I love hearing from you in the comments.

Have you tried PetSmart Dog Grooming Services?

Do you regularly take your pet to be groomed?

What do you think of Lyla’s colored tail?

Do you get your pet’s nails painted?

Lyla's Birthday Dog Grooming Spa Day At #PetSmartGrooming Twitter Image


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