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My husband and I recently started a new hobby called Geocaching. In short, Geocaching is adventure, exercise, treasure hunting, travel, and a way to connect with fellow geocachers around the globe.

Geocaching - Good Healthy Fun
Image from the Geocaching Site

More than ten million people have signed up online for a geocaching account and you can find geocaches everywhere! When my husband and I joined we worried that since we live in a smaller town that there may not be many geocaches to find around us yet we were shocked at the huge number of geocaches, and geocachers in our area.

Geocaching - Good Healthy Fun

There are more than 2.5 million geocaches are waiting to be found in over 180 countries with new geocaches being placed every day.

Geocaches can be super tiny to extra large, some have trackables in them, some involve the community. In some geocaches you can take an item and replace with an item of your own, and all have a log which you sign to show you found the cache.

There are some rules, such as not leaving any food items in a geocache, and if you take a trackable you are required to then place that trackable in another geocache elsewhere.

Here are the basics from Geocaching website: 

1. A geocacher hides a geocache, lists it on Geocaching.com and challenges other geocachers to find it.

2. At minimum, geocaches contain a logbook for finders to sign. After signing, finders log their experience on Geocaching.com or with the Geocaching app and earn a reward in the form of a digital smiley.

3. Some geocaches contain small trinkets for trade. If a geocacher takes something from the geocache, they replace it with something of equal or greater value.

4. Geocaches are put back where they were found for the next geocacher.

5. Geocaches are never buried.

Geocaching is excellent for everyone! Some caches are in places I personally would not date to venture but most are easily found by anyone of any physical endurance.


Geocaching - Good Healthy Fun
Image from the Geocaching Site.

My husband and I wanted a new way to enjoy time together, we love adventure, and so for us geocahcing is perfect, plus we wanted something that would challenge us physically a little as well. Since some geocaches are in the woods, or require a little hiking it benefits our health, without taking on too big of a challenge until we are ready.
Families would benefit from the geocaching experience as well as it can be not only fun, but educational as well.
Another wonderful thing about geocaching is that if you travel, even in your own state, you will find new places to explore while geocaching and learn a lot about the area you are visiting.
While geocaching does not cost anything we did find that having a GPS unit was very helpful.


Geocaching - Good Healthy Fun

The Geocache website tells you everything you need to know from where to find a geocache to how physically challenging the cache is to find, as well as the size and type of the cache.

So far my husband and I have only located three caches but we are looking forward to a summer filled with fun and have our geocaching kit all put together which was a fun experience to do as a couple as well.

While there is plenty of information for you to learn on their website please ask anything you may wish in the comments below. If you are a geocacher I would love to hear from you as well in the comments. I would love to hear about your best cache finds! 





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