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Hi everyone!

It has been awhile since I have posted. Have you missed me? I sure have missed all of you!

I have been busy working on other projects but I am still here and will be posting more frequently.


Summer has been good and I hope yours has been too. I admit I am ready for Fall, my favorite season! I love the weather, the smells in the air, and Fall fashions are my favorite!

Just to catch you up on what I have done this summer:

Enjoying Nature: 

Beautiful Tree on Golf Course

I am a tree hugger type person. I literally love and adore nature and trees are my favorite. I found this gorgeous tree on a golf course of all places!

Historic Places: 


Photo Of The Smith's At a Wedding

Harry and I attended a wedding and took a moment to pose for our own photo. I am wearing a dress by Lattori. Harry’s clothes are from Men’s Warehouse.

The wedding reception took place inside a historic home called Woodward Inn, a gorgeous place I have been before but it had been decades. It was lovely to view it again and enjoy the ambiance.

Historic Places


Historic Places


Historic Places Giant Mirror
This mirror above was one of my favorite decor items in the old historic home! It was HUGE and something I would love to have!
Furry Friends:
Ben and Romeo in Hammock

While I spent some time this summer doing product reviews my mother’s poodles enjoyed being my assistants! They did not like the hammock very much, although I did quite enjoy it!

Of course I also visited my Granddog Link ….

Link and Me
My cat, Tibet found the wonders of the inside of the dryer this summer!
Tibet the Cat In Dryer
Due to living in the country, and having a lot of trees surrounding our home, we have a lot of squirrel activity. We have rescued two baby squirrels this Summer. This is one of them. Isn’t he adorable! We took him to a local animal hospital. They hydrated and observed him for 24 hours. Since he was doing well he was then transferred to an animal refuge. We named him Squirtle.
Rehab'd Squirrel Squirtle
Stormy Weather: 

Bad storms tore up many roofs and much of the siding on homes in my area this past Summer. We unfortunately discovered we have a ceiling / roof – meaning there is no spacing between our roof and ceiling, so when our roof was destroyed, we had holes in our ceiling! Luckily this was quickly repaired!

Damage to Roof / Ceiling

On the way home from my brother’s new home we took the back roads and ran into a beautiful storm!

Gorgeous Stormy Sky
Well those are a few of my Summer highlights. I would love to hear about your adventures if you care to share them in the comments section below! 



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