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Can you believe that it’s Autumn?

I can’t, and for good reason, we are still mowing the lawn!

It’s alright though our precious Lyla loves riding on the mower with her Grandpa Daddy.

Lyla is actually our daughter’s dog but since Lyla grew up here she stayed with us when our daughter moved into her own place, so now we have taken on more fitting names for ourselves, Grandpa Daddy and GrandMommy.

We Love Having Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids!

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

Don’t worry we do not have the blades running when precious is riding on the mower.

We would never endanger our little one.

Lyla loves car rides and riding on the lawnmower.

With the weather we are having we are sure she will get at least one more ride in before the grass browns and the need to mow is over for the year.

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

This is how our little Lyla relaxes. It really helps calm her as do car rides.

Its just one of the many ways we have outdoor fun time with the furkids.

I think riding on the mower makes her feel important, but of course, she is important.

We have three cats who love playing outside as well but lately, our Nub kitty sure has been begging to go outside day and night.

It is as if he has suddenly become obsessed with playing outside.

He is neutered so it is not a female cat luring him out, he just loves rolling on the patio.

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

Nub loves our outdoor fun time with the furkids as much as Lyla!

I am sure our pets can sense the change in the seasons just as we can.

I think he is wanting to get those last rays of sun before the harsh midwest snowfall arrives.

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids
Our Lyla makes a great watchdog over the kitties when they play, always keeping an eye out that they do not stray too far from the patio.
Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

I hope all of you enjoy the last days of warm weather if you are still having any.

I think I am going to take my cue from nub and spend as much time outside as I can before it gets too cold!

Maybe I won’t lie on my back on the patio, haha, but sometimes sitting on the porch swing will be lovely.


Do you have any special plans for the last of the warmer weather?

Share in the comments below, please.


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