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Whether we wish to admit it or not, as we age there are things that become more challenging for us such as night driving.

I noticed that it became more difficult for me to drive at night right around the time that I turned 40.

Now, at age 47, I realize I have to do something about it because night driving is not getting any easier.

I’ve always loved driving, but I do not want to risk my safety to drive at night.

I also get irritated when running to the store to purchase a forgotten dinner ingredient– it becomes a family affair when I should be able to go it alone!

I may be getting a little older, but I want to hang on to every ounce of youth I have left and live life with freedom and ease.

Night Driving Nancy

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. I have been paid for this article, however, all opinions on the product are my own.

The Problems With Night Driving:

So why is it that we start having a difficult time driving at night, and what exactly is going on with our vision?
For me, it is the glare, especially when it is raining.
This was one of the first driving issues I faced as I got into my forties.
Driving in the rain is terrifying, so I avoid it at all costs. Things become so blurred, and the glare becomes unbearable. Between the glare from streetlights, oncoming traffic, add to that the rain, forget about me driving– I have to become the passenger.

My Night Driving Nightmare:

I remember when my daughter first got her driver’s license. She was a nervous driver herself, but I had to ask her to drive us home from the mall because it was starting to rain.
I felt awful to put her on point, but I knew we would be safer, her being a new driver or not!

Vizual Edge Made Night Driving Easier For Me:

Then I learned about Vizual Edge, an advanced, high-quality formula that contains the highest level of dietary Zeaxanthin and other essential ingredients to protect and improve eye vision.
Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-san-thin) is the primary pigment in the macula in the back of the eye, which improves and protects your central vision. So to improve our overall vision, and confidence behind the wheel at night, we have to strengthen our Zeaxanthin and improve our macular pigment.
It also helps to fight against Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of blindness in people over age of 55.
Available in both soft gels and citrus flavored chewables, the daily supplement is backed by more than 20 years of research.

Vizual Edge Provides Confidence”

I know I want to feel more confident driving at night, especially when it’s raining, so I am telling everyone about this. As we get older we have enough things to worry about, don’t let your eyes be one of them.
I want the freedom to drive at night… and safely enjoy it, stress-free! Learn more about this Zeaxanthin-booster today.
Please leave a comment. Are you worried about night driving, glare, or other driving-related problems as you age? 

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