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Something we all need to get us through any holiday is Top 5 Beauty Essentials.

I adore the holiday season. The lights, the music, the food, and of course being with family.

What I do not care for is how rushing about, and yes, the stress, can cause damage to my skin, hair, and break up my beauty routine!

Today I am sharing with you five amazing products that can help get you through the stressful holiday season beautifully!

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!

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Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season:

Let’s go down the list of each product and I will tell you what I love about them!

First up we have a brand we all know, and trust, ChapStick®.

I have used ChapStick since I was a kid, and that is a long time ladies.

What I did not know was that ChapStick has some very modern products and I am in love with them!

Did you know that ChapStick® had a lip scrub?

They do! It is called ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Scrub.

I only recently found out and I was thrilled because not only is it a well-known brand that I have used, and trusted for decades, but it is very affordable, and it works great.

Through offering advanced ingredients, like Argan Oil, Omegas 3/6/9 and more, to leave lips a looking and feeling healthy and beautiful, which is especially important during your busy holiday season.

As if that is not cool on its own ChapStick also offers ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture & Tint.

It is the perfect way to keep your lips feeling soft and having just the right tint of color.

By “right” tint of color, I mean That it actually enhances your lips natural color!

How cool is that?

Plus it is made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, including advanced ingredients like Rosehip Seed Oil.

It is available in three shades – Merlot, Coral Blush and Rose Petal. I tried out Merlot and love it.

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!

Get both of these must-have lip care products at the ChapStick Shop.

This next item on my Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season is so exciting.

In fact, I am way more excited about than I thought I would be!

Ladies, this is not just a gorgeous fragrance for yourself, but a must buy for all the ladies on your holiday shopping list!

Katy Perry’s Mad Love Fragrance. 

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!

This fun, flirty, fragrance was developed in collaboration with Katy Perry.

It is mischievous, sexy, and totally irresistible!

The top notes open up with Mara Strawberry, Lady Apple Sorbet, and pink grapefruit.

Then, the floral notes open up with peony petals, and sun-kissed jasmine, and the hypnotic pull of bleeding heart flower.

As if our senses have not been mesmerized enough we then have an absolute heart melting dry down of coconut wood, skin musk, and sandalwood!

I have to say, the more this developed with my skin chemistry the more I fell in love with it.

My favorite part was the dry down, and I do want you to know that this has the longest dry down phase of any perfume I have tried recently!

It was very impressive how long the scent lasted on my skin.

I did not have to re-apply at all for 16 hours!

I could even still smell the faint aroma of Mad Love when I woke up the next day.

Katy Perry’s tip: “I never spritz on my skin. I always spritz and walk into it and I like to spray on my hair.”

Great minds think alike as they say because I do the same thing.

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!

Katy Perry’s Mad Love is currently on sale too!

Get it for the ladies on your list!

There are always two things that seem to suffer the most during the hectic holidays for me.
My skin and my hair.

I am now going to show you two great products that can really help.

The first is Dr. Brandt 3-D Filler Mask and it has made it to my Top 5 Beauty Essentials List.

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!

Dr. Brandt 3-D Filler Mask is revolutionary in that it is the first leave on mask I have ever heard of.

It also is a volumizing facial mask that is the first cosmetic smoothing leave on mask to PLUMP UP the volume!

It literally plumps and fills out wrinkles, and visually reshapes your natural face contour allowing the face to quickly take on a more youthful appearance.

Holidays or not, I need this in my life and I am so happy to say that I love it, it works!

The last beauty product on my Top 5 Essentials List is another brand I have used for decades, Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Hairspray is a dream come true!

I do not like having heavy, sticky hair that my husband can’t run his fingers through.

I promise you that this hairspray does hold it’s own against those thick sticky hair sprays when it comes to holding, without the stickiness!

Top 5 Beauty Essentials For Surviving The Holiday Season!


Not only can you run your fingers through your hair after using Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Hairspray, but you will feel absolutely no stickiness, even if you spray it directly on your skin.

I did this! I sprayed it all over my arm and it felt good, no stick, and actually made my skin on my arm feel nourished!


Lightweight, replenishing, and flexible this is all you need to keep your hair looking perfect while making it healthier during the holidays.

Save your hair, save your lips, save your skin, and spray on a little luscious scent with my Top 5 Beauty Essentials for surviving the holiday season!  

Please comment below with your favorite item from this list, or share a few of your own favorites.


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