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No matter what your income, we all find times in our lives where we are “broke”.

Granted starving we may not be, but if you are taking care of your elders, or still paying some bills for your young adult children, and have found yourself tightening your belt lately, like my husband and I, then here are 10 things you can do as a couple that you may not find elsewhere on the web!

Trust me, I have searched for things to do with my husband that cost little, to nothing!

The problem is that I find lists with too many “girly” things that men would not take interest in, or I find the same old tired ideas such as play a card game or clean out the garage. Yeah, ummm we’ve already hit on all that.

So I wanted to create my own, “out of the box” ideas to share with you that are fun for both men and women.

1. Join a meet up group.

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

Yes, MeetUp Groups are still a thing! In fact, we found several groups we were interested in the moment we signed up! You can get together with board game fans, try your hand at LARPing, gather with beer or wine aficionados, exercise groups, anything, you name it! If you do not find something you are interested in you can start your own MeetUp Group.

2. Start kickboxing lessons from a youtube video – put it on your big screen.

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

This is a fantastic way to have some fun, probably some laughs, and get into shape! Too much time is spent on the sofa, or at a desk. Have some fun together and get a good workout. He is sure to love this idea!

3. Go Geocaching

I wrote about this last summer. This is a great way to get out of the house, go on an adventure, find new places, and test your treasure hunting skills. Pretty sure the new craze Pokemon Go was based on Geocaching.

This is also a great family activity as well as something to enjoy as a couple.

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

4. Stargazing

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

Okay so this one may not be all that “out of the box” but it is something to do that costs nothing, can be done almost anywhere, although night skies are far clearer in the country, away from city lights. This makes it an even better opportunity for some adventure while looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy world for a romantic get away.

Just pack up a blanket, and sure your telescope if you have one, maybe a bottle of wine or hot cocoa, and get away from it all together.

5. Knife Throwing Competition

This is one of my personal favorites! I wish I could share with you a photo of the target board my husband made for us to throw knives at but it’s winter here and the board has been tucked away safe from the cold for now.

We are very competitive and so throwing knives is a great way for us to compete. We also have a ton of laughs. So many times my kids would drop by, often with friends, and it turned into a great way to spend time together as a family as well.

Granted, not safe for small children, but teens and young adults totally dig it!

6. Test drive a sports car or motorcycle

We all have a dream car, right? Go test yours out!

My husband would love a cruiser motorcycle, you know the big kind you could cross country road trip on in comfort.

Me, I have always wanted a Range Rover, or a 1966 Camaro RS.

Although we do have dream cars, my husband swears he never wants to get rid of our family van!

Our Honda Odyssey has been so reliable, and let me tell you, for long drives, it is the ultimate in comfort!

7. Make or re-stock your emergency kits (car, storm, prepper)

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

I do not consider myself so much a “prepper” but I do like to be safe. Having medical issues makes me all the more aware of the things I would need should a tornado strike, or if the zombie apocalypse started! Since we do live in tornado alley – weather issues are far more likely to happen over zombies coming to call.

Get out a couple duffel bags and start packing! I have written a couple of articles about being prepared and they both have lists of things you may need in an emergency.

One is about making a safe driver emergency kit, the other is more designed for general prepping and also shares information about food prepping.

8. Take your cans, tin, metals into the recycling center.

10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

Okay, I know this one does not sound all that exciting, but if you are broke, and needing that extra cash for a movie night, you may as well clear out some space in your garage or storage shed and get rid of those recyclables!

My husband and I are big into recycling and leaving as small of a footprint as possible on our earth so we always have a build up of cans in our garage.

Depending on how long you have let these things collect up, you just may find some wiggle room in your budget for something more exciting to do together.

9. Find the perfect walking stick and try your hand at carving designs in it.

So this is out of the box right? I have always loved walking in the woods and absolutely love nature, so I always have made a point of looking for that perfect walking stick. If you are like me and have priced them, you are not shocked to learn that wooden carved walking sticks can cost anywhere upwards of a hundred dollars or more.

While my carving skills are nothing to brag about, I do find it fun to try my hand at it.

My husband now has a Dremel tool that makes carving a little easier next time we do this activity.

10. Let him put on your makeup. 

While I am not recommending that the two of you go out in public after partaking in this activity, it is a great hoot to see what you end up looking like!

It is also a little fun to watch him struggle and see that look of confusion on his face. The expression is somewhere between the look he gets while in a mall as you shop, and the expression when he sees what you spent.

Granted yes, I am being a little sexist here and I by no means want to assume all couples are of male / female varieties. I also realize not all men detest shopping in malls. It is truly difficult to write something that does not in some way generalize but please know, I want all to feel included when I write anything, so if you are a couple of guys, a couple of women, or a mixed gender couple. Whether you are a guy who loves applying your wife’s, or husband’s makeup, and are quite good at it, or even if you are a female who hates shopping, and loves throwing knives, I do hope I have listed at least one thing you both will enjoy, and maybe get the two of you out of a rut.

Also, maybe my ideas are no more out of the box than the others I found online, but I say we can never have too many lists out there when we step away from our telephones, computers, and gaming systems we can find ourselves lost without a clue what to do!

It’s time to step away from the electronics and get back to living life again!

I hope my list is a springboard for you and your loved one to create your own.

Please add to the list in the comments below. If you have any ideas of fun things to do when on a budget I would love to hear about them.


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