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I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions.

Making them can set us up for failure, then disappointment.

I am big on setting a tone for the new year.

I have already started this by affirming to be inspiring to others in this fresh new year ahead.

So to give you some inspiration on how you can do what I consider to be the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle…

I am sharing with you these wonderful products that will help you prepare, pamper, and prioritize you in 2017.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Single Edition Media.

I have never been one to believe in dieting.

And I would never endorse a fad diet, but I do believe in wholesome, and healthy eating habits.

In Oprah’s new cookbook, In Oprah’s new cookbook, Food, Health, and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey you get just that! Recipes that center around eating well.

This my friends will help you Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize for healthy, wholesome, and delicious meal planning into 2017 and beyond…

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

In Oprah’s cookbook with 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life, you will find swoon-worthy recipes. This gorgeous hardback cookbook is filled with dishes created alongside Oprah’s favorite chefs and paired with personal essays, it is a behind the scenes look at Oprah as a person, and her kitchen!

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

My personal feeling on this cookbook is that it is absolutely stunning.

The pictures are plenty, full color, and gorgeous.

I love reading Oprah’s stories, she is such a down to earth person even with her fame and fortune.

She is open about her own struggles with food, dieting, and eating healthy.

The cookbook is so lovely I want to put a protective cover on every page to keep it looking new because I am such a messy cook.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Speaking of food, we do not always have time to cook a healthy meal.

That does not mean we can’t eat healthy snacks.

Made in Nature Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops solve the issue of on the run snacking when we want to eat healthily.

This year let’s Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize snacking healthy and we can start with Made in Nature …

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

These tasty energy balls are certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified.

They contain no refined sugar as they are sweetened with maple syrup, have no preservatives, are unsulfered, and provide an excellent source of fiber.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Give them a try and get $10 off orders of $39 using the link above. Use code janboosters at check out. Valid until February 28, 2017. 

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Personally, I was not expecting much of this snack.

Healthy snacks are usually just lacking that special something that cuts through my snack cravings.

Let me tell you, these are really very good!

When my husband first saw them he turned his nose up to them right off the bat.

Yet, after trying one, he was impressed as well.

Need something refreshing and pure to rise those Figgy Pops down?

JUST® water is what I recommend!

JUST Water is 100% spring water with no additives.

This product will not only pamper you with clean, hydrating water but will pamper and prioritize mindfulness in 2017.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

JUST® stands more for the fact that what you get is “just” water.

JUST® also represents the companies drive to renewable awareness through using 83% renewable resources in it’s packaging.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

The bottle reminds me of the milk cartons we would get in school as kids.

It is the only bottled water I know of that comes packaged like this, and the only spring water that is sourced from the Glens Falls Watershed in Upstate New York where water is abundant.

This is in an ethical trade revenue partnership with the city of Glens Falls which helps revitalize the local community.

It tastes pure, clean, and refreshing, as good water should.

JUST® water is available nationally at a retail price of $0.99 for a 16.9- ounce bottle.

My take on JUST® water,

I am a huge advocate on recycling and am particular about my water quality.


This next product will not only pamper you but also prioritize your health into 2017. 

Tea Forté SIPSCRIPTIONS teas which include selections of detox tea, organic tea, and wellness tea.

Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Tea Forté SIPSCRIPTIONS is not a subscription service.

It’s a new collection of teas that help ward off the adverse effects of a hectic lifestyle.

With mind and body-balancing infusions of fresh herbs, tea leaves, and botanicals.

Tea Forté brings us nature’s prescription to support our mind, body, and spirit for daily health and well-being.

SIPSCRIPTIONS is available in loose leaf canisters, their signature pyramid shaped infusers, and single Steeps-perfect measure pouches.

Selections include:

RESIST Tea for Wellness

REGROUP Tea for Detox

REBOOT Tea For Energy

RESULTS Tea for Fitness

RETREAT Tea for Relaxation

As a former tea reviewer of over 5 years and well known in the tea reviewing circuits, I can say that I have always loved Tea Forté’s tea quality and taste.

Their infuser KATI cups are amazing, double walled with a very nice deep basket for infusing your loose leaf teas.

Might I also add they are quite stylish!


Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

Not a fan of the stark white pyramid design?

Check them out for yourself there are many colors, and styles to choose from.

Savings: 10% off any Sipscriptions item Code: WELLNESS Valid through 1/31/17

Whether you are preparing for more exercise in the new year, or just want to pamper your feet, FITS® has you, or I should say your feet, covered!

FITS® is a top rated running sock that has to be the best fitting sock on the planet!
They are like a second skin, with exceptional cushioning.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize
You can find FITS® in four varieties: 
Ultra Light Runner Sock: For those who want the lightest running sock but still want a Super-fine Merino wool, the Ultra-light fits the bill.
Nothing but protection between you and your running shoes.
Light Runner Sock: A low-cut cushioned sock that your shoe will not eat. High impact cushioning only where you need it in the toe cup and the heel lock areas. This sock delivers pavement- pounding performance in every stride.Light Hiker Sock: Our Most popular hiking sock style, the Light Hiker, is cushioned under the foot to take the pounding of an all-day trek while managing all the moisture you can throw at it. The subtle banded design along the sock adds that extra bit of detailing that makes this sock stand out. Link:Medium Hiker Sock: The sock that started it all! The venerable Medium Hiker. If you like a little more cushioning all around your foot but don’t want a really heavy sock, this is the sock for you. For years this sock has been the go-to for serious adventurers who know the difference their socks can make day after day after day of hard hiking. Now available in a striped design.
My opinion: I put on the light hiker crew socks first because I used to do a lot of hiking and will be doing more in 2017. I knew what I wanted in a hiking sock and I will say that I have not wanted to take them off! They make my feet feel so good! I plan to wear them even with sofa surfing they feel so wonderful.Find Your FITS (they make them for men too!)

Giveaway Alert:

This giveaway has ended

$200 FITS Gift Card Giveaway Rules: Simply enter your email on the landing page and the winner will be announced on January 25, 2017
*Note – this giveaway is not sponsored by Fashion Beyond Forty, the winner is not selected by FashionBeyondForty.com please direct any inquiries to FITS®.

The best way to prioritize in 2017 is to put people first! 

EQUAL wants us to do just that by putting an end to discrimination, standing up for equal rights, and asserting that we all have a right to equality.
By wearing their stylish products we can help spread the word that 2017 is going to be the best year ever when it comes to human rights.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize
You can bet that you will see me wearing these two items in a fashion article coming soon! 
Update: A new article has been posted on Equal


EQUAL asks only that you make your resolution to #disruptdiscrimination in 2017.
They would like people who believe in equality to purchase their merchandise, then “Wear it. Share it. Change the world.” By taking pics and sharing on social media using their hashtag above.
I know I will!
My opinion? I love the fit and style of this beanie and these bracelets are all the rage with the younger crowd but I will wear mine too, and proudly I will wear it! I love that EQUAL is getting behind making 2017 and beyond better for all and creating awareness. Money well spent if you ask me so I will be checking out their shop as soon as it opens. In the meantime, I have signed up for their email list.

Will You Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize This Year?

So as I sit here this evening thumbing through my new cookbook, wearing my comfy socks, sipping on some comforting tea, and snacking on healthy, wholesome treats, I am preparing for this blog post, thinking about all of you. I am considering how much each of you are appreciated, and how I hope you all experience feelings of love and equality in 2017.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize
I am also thinking I need more moments where I can meld the three aspects of preparing, pampering, and prioritizing together as one.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize
Straining my tea I realize it really does not take much time to sit back for fifteen minutes and have a little me time.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize
Me time is something I am prioritizing in 2017 for myself for sure.
Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize

So be it that you want to go into 2017 better prepared, or feeling pampered, the best thing you can do is prioritize yourself this year and the items included in this article will surely get you on a great start to that!

What are you doing this year to prepare, pamper, and prioritize for 2017? Let me know in the comments section, please. 



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