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February is not just for Valentine’s Day. It is also American Heart Health Awareness month. Many of you, my dear readers, are like me, and getting into middle age! We more than most need to take great care of our health, and that means our hearts as well.

I want all of us to be around as long as we can to love, and be loved by our family, and friends. Let’s just take a quick moment to look at a few things we can do, or do better, to live a longer, healthier life.

I know that there are areas in which I can improve.

American Heart Health Month Help Spread Awareness

American Heart Health Month Help Spread Awareness

For me, cutting back on salt is a big one! I absolutely love salt! I would put salt on my salt if I could!

My husband and I have recently become more active, watching less television, and having a less sedentary lifestyle. No, we are not running marathons, but just changing a habit or two here and there can help.

Stress for most people is a big one. I have always been into meditation, and it helps. Find small ways to take breaks throughout the day to reduce stress.

As for the MORE column, we are pretty good at doing these things, so I know for my husband and myself, we just need to focus more on the LESS column.

Regardless of your age, or your current health, it does not hurt to take a look at the ways in which you, and your loved ones can be healthier.

I PLEDGE to do better at taking care of my heart health. Will You?

I hope that you will make note of some of the ways you can reduce your heart health stress factors, and share the above image with your friends, and family.

Tweet it, pin it, post it, share it with everyone you can, because knowledge is our best weapon against heart problems. ?

Here are some more resources:

The Heart Foundation

American Heart Association

Go Red For Women

February 3rd is WEAR RED DAY to help spread heart health awareness.

I will be wearing red, will you? 

I may even have an upcoming What I Am Wearing Today article about what I am wearing on WEAR RED DAY!

Looking at my graphic above, what are some ways you can help your heart? 


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