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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article between Fashion Beyond Forty and Duluth Trading Co via Socialix. I only work with brands that I personally trust, and love. Every bit of information provided in this article is my personal truth and from the heart. 

Spring is right around the corner! Yay! We had exceptionally warm weather for this time of year here in Kansas and I didn’t miss a second to get back outside and enjoy a few of my favorite activities. Thanks to Duluth Trading Co I did so in comfort, and style!

Fashion Focus: Suited Up in Duluth Trading Co Style for Wilderness Exploration and Hiking

I love nature, everything about it brings me back to life, especially after Winter. Most of you know I have been sick for several weeks, and while I am not at my best yet, I can say that getting back outside, into nature sure has healed me! Nature is the best medicine if you ask me.


Come along with me on my first “welcome Spring” adventure, while I tell you more about Duluth Trading Co. I promise a cool surprise along the way!

Fashion Focus: Suited Up in Duluth Trading Co Style for Wilderness Exploration and Hiking

First, can we just talk about this awesome vest? It is actually from Duluth’s gardening collection, and I will be planting a garden in my own yard soon, but this is also perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, geocaching, and many other adventures. The Women’s Heirloom Gardening Vest fits slim and is not bulky at all so for a fashionista like myself, I love it! Yet with all this comfort, and style, it has tons of pockets for everything you need! In fact, I really did not need to bring my geocaching bag, I could have put everything in my pockets instead. Later you will notice however that I utilized my pockets in other ways, such as hiding a large water bottle in an inside pocket! See, you can’t even tell it is there can you?

There are ten pockets to be exact and the vest is made of Light yet durable 4.8-oz. DuluthFlex® ripstop fabric that resists snags and tears and packs serious flexibility.

Fashion Focus: Suited Up in Duluth Trading Co Style for Wilderness Exploration and Hiking

This vest simply rocks for adventure seekers, and gardeners alike because of the spillway spots in the front and lower pockets. This allows for dirt to easily spill out keeping your valuables safely inside.

If you get hot flashes, like I do, you do not have to worry about over-heating in this vest because there is hidden mesh underneath the back panel to keep air flowing.
The Women’s Heirloom Gardening Vest has princess seams so you do not get a boxy appearance. I think it looks fantastic and is quite slimming. I also love that the collar covers my neck in the back because that is where I most often get sunburn.

This stylish and super comfortable vest comes in three colors.

I am wearing Deep Olive. Find out more about this functional, stylish women’s vest on the Duluth Site and see consumer ratings.
Enjoying Nature in Duluth Trading Co Clothing

Moving on our adventure I had to pull out my GPS unit to do a little research on the location of a Geocache site that was nearby. Some people had made complaints that it was undiscoverable, so I had to find out for myself.

Duluth Trading Co Clothing For Hiking, Camping, Gardening, Adventure and More

The Women’s Duluthflex Fire Hose Slim Leg Cargo Pants fit like a dream and were so comfortable during my search. I ordered them in my typical size but I was even able to select my inseam length which is more than I can say for most designer pants or jeans I buy!

I quickly notated that in fact, the geocache was not where it was supposed to be, so in other words, lost.

Women's Duluthflex Fire Hose Slim Leg Cargo Pants

Duluth says that their Duluthflx Fire Hose pants are made for women on a mission and I can say they are spot on! I was on a mission and really appreciating their Curvesetter™ waistband that kept my bottom covered no matter what position I found myself in.

Women's Duluthflex Fire Hose Slim Leg Cargo Pants

Like the Heirloom Vest, the Fire Hose pants have plenty of pockets for everything from my logging cards, to my insulin pump, which for me is a necessity, yet many pants do not offer a secure place for it. Basically, whatever you have to lug around with you, the Fire Hose pants can handle!

Women's Heirloom Gardening Vest

Real women are not always dressing for a runway show or even a nice dinner out, but we should never have to sacrifice looking our best. I love the way I look and feel in Duluth Trading Co fashions. The Fire Hose Pants not only fit well and feel great on, but they are tough enough for any outdoor adventure, or task you may have before you. Tough also does not have to mean big and baggy, or heavy to wear! The Fire Hose pants are only eight ounces in weight and made from a triple stretch fabric at the legs. They also repel stains with FendOff™which is great when you are going to be out in the wilderness, or down in the dirt gardening.

Check out the Fire Hose pants on the Duluth site for more detailed information and consumer reviews.

Fashion by Duluth Trading Co

Between geocaching, simply enjoying the outdoors, and hiking for exercise, I like to take notes on the wildlife I discover. Since I visit this area often, I like to note the different plant life I spot, birds I see, and any interesting new developments in the landscape.

I also like sharing a few healthy and fun tips with my readers:


Field Notes

If you are looking for a great flannel shirt, Duluth has you covered there as well with the Women’s Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt (similar to what I am wearing ) and available in 10 colors.


Free Swingin' Flannel Shirt

While the weather in Kansas can change on a dime, I am just overjoyed to be out and about, back in nature again after what seems like forever. I know the nice weather may not stick around, but I am ready for Spring and ready to enjoy outside activities.


Fun in Nature wearing Duluth Trading Co Fashion

I also love that Duluth Trading Co styles are so me, in so many ways. If I had to select one brand that represents me best, it would be Duluth. Of course, I love wearing dresses, designer jeans, and looking all fancy, but the fact is, I am a midwest woman, with a midwestern lifestyle.


Clothing that is so ME!

When I want to be in my comfort zone, that means getting back to nature, and getting down to the basics like great quality, well-fitted clothing, that works as hard as I do, and yet allows me to have fun and be comfortable while doing so.


Quality time in nature and Duluth Trading Co Styles

When not working in a garden, taking care of wildlife, exploring nature, or getting good exercise through hiking, I just like to take it all in and contemplate this gorgeous world we live in.

Nothing like a Kansas Prairie

There is nothing quite like a gorgeous, golden, field of Kansas prairie grass.


Nothing like a Kansas Prairie

Oh, look! Some kind person put a nice bench out there to rest on! Probably our Parks and Rec. Department. Well, don’t mind if I do….

Remember that big water bottle I mentioned at the beginning of this article? Well look, here it is tucked away in my Heirloom Vest inner pocket. Now did you ever even notice it? Nope – amazing isn’t it how well this vest fits, yet can carry a big item like this without being seen as bulky on the outside?


Outdoor Adventure and Duluth Trading Co.

I didn’t even feel it when I was carrying it around either! 

Outdoor Adventure and Duluth Trading Co.

One needs to stay hydrated even if it is not hot outside.


Hydration is Key when exploring!

Remember I promised you a surprise? Well, look at what I found on my adventure! Paw tracks! Now I have a whole new mission to work on this week… identifying these tracks and learning what animal left them behind.

Wildlife Tracks Kansas Nature

I notate that there is a distinct back pad and four deep impressions of toes with what looks to be long claws. Interesting indeed!


Wildlife Tracks Kansas Nature

You can see in the background the trail of tracks this creature has left behind for some curious person like me to discover.


Wildlife Tracks Kansas Nature

Tucking away my pen for later, in my Heirloom vest, which just so happens to have slots for pens or other slender items. Let’s take a  moment to appreciate this cute scoop neck Duluth Trading Co Lightweight Longtail T Shirt with Logo.


Lightweight Longtail T Shirt with Duluth Logo.

The tee is a light-weight 4.42-oz. and is 100% cotton. Like everything from Duluth it is made to last, not a wimpy, turn into a rag tee after only a few washes! It has a figure flattering back seam, and is slightly longer in the back than the front, to make sure our fanny stays covered!


Lightweight Longtail T Shirt with Duluth Logo.

Fade, and shrink resistant with a sleek, trim fitted design allows for rugged durability while we adventure and work. This tee also comes in white, and personally, I would love if they created it in even more colors!


Out in Nature Duluth Fashion that Fits!

Taking my adventures and exploration down to the creek for a bit ( or crick if you are from my area ), it was time to do a little water survey and see how the wildlife in the stream was looking.


By the creek in Duluth style

Still too early for the water bugs, and we do not get many, if any fish in this creek, we will sometimes see some water snakes, though. There is plenty of algae but that will diminish as the water level rises and we have more flow to the water.


By the creek in Duluth style

Sometimes we will see crawfish, or as we call them around here crawdads who like to hide around rocks, but again it is too early for them as well.


By the creek in Duluth style

I had fun looking regardless.


Optical Illusion Accidental Photo Capture

Check out this view!

No this is not really high up although it sure looks like it! This is actually an accidental optical illusion my husband captured while crossing the creek hanging onto the camera (cell phone camera that is!).

Pretty cool capture isn’t it! We could not do this again if we tried!


Women's Keen Voyager Hiking Boots from Duluth Trading Co

As my time exploring comes to an end I wanted to bring attention to one last thing. Something I am immensely thankful for. Comfortable, great fitting hiking boots!

The Women’s Keen Voyager Hiking Boots from Duluth are amazing! I mean absolutely perfect ladies! I have to take super good care of my feet as a Type 1 Diabetic and I could not be more smitten with these hiking boots. From the moment I put them on, I knew I had something special!

I knew that Keen was an excellent brand but until you put these on your feet, you won’t know what you are missing!


Women's Keen Voyager Hiking Boots from Duluth Trading Co

Made with breathable mesh and water-resistant leather upper so it’s okay if they get wet, and a built-in odor control system. Non-slip, high traction, and great looking.

If you are looking for rugged work boots, boots for gardening, hiking, trail walking, camping, or anything like it, you must get these boots! Your feet with thank you for it!
Available with dark coral accents like mine, or a bright sunny harvest yellow.
So that winds up my adventure for today. I hope you had fun going along on my trek with me. I will be sharing many more adventures with you this Spring and Summer and I can not wait for more sunny days ahead.
Nature Selfie
Time to SHOP Duluth! 
Please let me know what you think of the Duluth fashion choices I have featured in the comments below. 



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