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It’s something all women will face. There is no avoiding it. Menopause brings forth a lot of different issues for women. I have written about a couple of those issues in the past such as body smell changes during menopause. Still, there are some things that are not so bad when it comes to “the change” so today I wanted to focus on 10 Awesome Things About Menopause from my perspective.

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10 Awesome Things About Menopause:

Notice: I am not a doctor. This article is not to be taken as medical advice.

#1. No More Periods.

After a lifetime of spending money on pads, tampons or menstrual cups, you get to say goodbye.

Not only to the cost but having to use them but the frustration of them too.

That means no more cramps, no more periods at the most inconvenient times.

No one wants their time of the month to fall during their anniversary or vacation.

Periods, they are just a hassle.

For some, more than just pain from cramps.

Some people go through debilitating pain during their time of the month.

Saying goodbye to your period is one of 10 awesome things about menopause!

#2 No More Birth Control

Technically you are not in menopause until you haven’t had a menstrual cycle for a full year.

During perimenopause, birth control can potentially help with night sweats, hot flashes and irregular periods.

So even if you are not taking birth control to avoid pregnancy, you may be taking it for one, or all the reasons above.

Once you have been through menopause you can say goodbye to birth control, no matter what you were taking it for.

Birth control has side effects of its own that can be irritating so saying goodbye to this nuisance in your life is a good thing!

You can add a little extra money to your piggy bank as well.

Saying goodbye to birth control is just another of 10 awesome things about menopause.

#3 No Ugly Underwear.

Confess, we all have them.

The “period panties”.

Those worn down, worn out, thinning underwear that gets stacked in their own area of the drawer.

They only to see the light of day for a few days a month, give or take depending on your flow.

There when we need them and dependable but absolutely no fun to wear.

I can not wait to be able to get rid of mine!

Yet, we know we need them so we save the undies that are past their prime for this purpose.

No ugly underwear is just another great reason to welcome menopause.

#4 More sex drive!

One of the cooler “side effects” of menopause is that many women claim their sex drive increases.

It is true some women experience the opposite.

I believe one reason, outside of medical, for an increase in sex drive, is mental.

No longer having to worry about pregnancy, or sweating all through the night, and other positive physical changes cause women to feel sexier.

Not having to deal with monthly cramping, swollen breasts, and just not feeling cruddy one week out of every month is a big deal!

We all know when we feel better we desire to be more social, more active, and yes, more sensual.

This is one of my favorite of 10 Awesome things about menopause.

#5 No Pregnancy.

10 Awesome Things About Menopause You May Not Know Big Pregnant Belly

If this is a touchy subject for some I apologize.

I realize some women were still hoping to conceive before menopause.

Yet for most of us, by the time we are of menopause age, we are ready for the empty nest.

Sure there is some sadness to seeing the kids grow up and move out, but there is a lot of time for you now too.

Not having to worry about pregnancy also means that you can have more sex without worry!

No more fear of if you took your pill means you can enjoy your partner anytime, anywhere!

Okay maybe that is taking it a bit too far but you get the picture.

Of course, I have to mention that unprotected sex isn’t a good idea and there are STDs out there in the world.

#6 You Could Lose Weight.

Since you won’t be having a monthly cycle you may also find your cravings subside.

Cravings during your cycle can be intense.

For me, I could never decide between sweet and salty.

This sent me into the whole “chasing my craving” debacle.

While I always try to eat healthy snacks let’s face it, we go for what’s quick and easy all too often.

I have found even during perimenopause I have fewer cravings.

This could be due to my periods not lasting as long and a change in hormones.

Whatever the case may be, I’ll take it!

#7 You May Have More Energy.

When your periods slow down or stop you will no longer be losing iron.

Iron is in our blood and carries oxygen throughout our bodies.

Iron is a good thing, oxygen is a very good thing.

Having more iron means more oxygen which means more energy overall.

Many women may not notice a substantial difference but if you have had heavy periods your whole life you probably will feel a lot better once your periods end!

In addition to more energy, you may see an improved difference in your hair and nails.

Due to not having periods you also reduce your risk of anemia.

That is a very good thing.

#8 You Can Dress How You Want.

Wear your white pants to the party.

That short skirt, go for it!

No more periods means your fashion sense can be set free.

You won’t have to worry about break-through bleeding, spotting, starting early, or starting at all.

You also won’t have to concern yourself on where to hide the sanitary item when you want to carry a small clutch.

They can be difficult to obscure from view in some clutches, I’ve been there.

It may not be a huge crisis about how to dress during your cycle but there are times it has redirected my fashion choices.

This is just one more of 10 awesome things about menopause.

#9 No More PMS

Did you forget about this one?

I didn’t because I am so sick of dealing with it.

Not only do we get a full week out of every month to deal with the actual cycle, we get a preview week!

As does everyone in our family, our coworkers, the postman…

Just kidding on that last one, maybe.

I have heard some women have two full weeks of this nuisance!

Bloating, headaches, fatigue, cramps, mood swings, even skin breakouts.

No fun at all.

Almost makes one look forward to menopause in itself!

#10 No More Perimenopause.

Okay so those of you who are menopausal, don’t beat me up here.

I am perimenopausal so I only speak from my experience.

Yet, after talking to my doctor, and many women on both sides of the tracks, I understand that perimenopause can actually be worse than menopause!

The reasoning behind this is perimenopause is when the symptoms of menopause actually begin.

You are just learning about the changes in your body which can cause confusion, concern, and frustration.

This is the adapting period of no longer having periods.

It’s so much more than that though.

You are accepting you are getting older, dealing with body image, and a lot of mental/emotional issues.

On top of that, you actually may have some emotional or mental issues due to changes in your bodies hormone levels.

You are coming to terms with changes that keep changing.

Sometimes day by day.

It’s a guessing game as well, starting with “Am I menopausal?” “Is this perimenopause?” “What does it all mean?”

We all need to be able to open up and discuss our experiences with each other to better understand what we go through.

That is why I have written on this topic before and will probably do so again.

Some women have reported that they are relieved when they actually can say they have hit menopause.

That is when they know for sure it has happened, and it’s “over” in a sense.

By “over” they mean the transitional phase.

The phase where they keep wondering when the periods will actually end.

Yes, there are still symptoms of menopause to contend with.

They are not fun either.

Some women have relief from symptoms by taking medications.

But that is an article for another day, perhaps when I get to that place in my own life.

For now, I just wanted to be a Pollyanna I suppose and share some of the positives of perimenopause.

I hope you found something to love in this 10 Awesome Things About Menopause article.

We will just call it self-therapy.

I hope it helps some of you too!

One more time for good measure:

Notice: I am not a doctor. This article is not to be taken as medical advice. 

Drop me a comment, please.

I love hearing from you and as I said we really need to talk about this topic.

What have your menopause or perimenopause experiences been?

Can you think of any positives of menopause I have missed?

What is your worst experience or best experience with menopause or perimenopause?

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  1. Reesa Lewandowski
    May 16, 2018 / 4:11 pm

    This is such a great outlook on a topic that for so many women is so negative. I know I cannot wait until no more periods!!!

  2. May 16, 2018 / 7:26 pm

    There are a lot of perks that I didn’t actually know about. It is something that my friends and I have discussed for the near future.

    • May 17, 2018 / 10:17 pm

      Glad that I could put some positive into this topic for you and your friends Rachel.

  3. May 16, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    I’m a little young to worry about it, but I am hopeful that mine goes easy and I don’t feel worse once I get there.

    • May 17, 2018 / 10:18 pm

      Exactly Kisa and for all my younger readers – don’t worry about all the horror stories, everyone experiences it differently.

  4. Ann Snook-Moreau
    May 17, 2018 / 12:11 pm

    I have years and years to go, but I so look forward to no PMS. The pimples, wanting to eat every junk food in sight, and feeling out of control angry about everything is not so fun!

    • May 17, 2018 / 10:17 pm

      It’s not fun stuff at all Ann. At least now you won’t have to fear when the time comes as much.

  5. Lauren
    May 17, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    Great information for women going through this! I didn’t know a lot of these!

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