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The idea behind Hey It’s Okay originally came from Glamour Magazine. As an empowering lifestyle blogger, I like to publish one of my own every now and then. Check out my first Hey It’s Okay article if you have not already read it. I think it is important that we allow ourselves acceptance that we are not perfect. Sometimes making the best of everything is the best that we can do.

This time, I have put a twist on the Hey It’s Okay theme.

Instead of focusing on myself and listing things about me, I have written an article that can assist all of us.

I hope you find empowerment within it.

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Life Can Be Difficult And Hey, It’s Okay!

It’s Okay To Second Guess Yourself.

I sure do.

It’s not about being indecisive.

It’s because some people, myself included have a tendency to look at all sides of the situation.

I was on my high school debate team so I was trained how to defend either side of a topic.

Also, people who see more than their own side of a situation are more open-minded.

In addition, I find the most caring people are those who consider the perception, feelings, and outlooks of others.

More often than not, when dealing with the problem of second-guessing oneself, it is because of these things.

To me, when you take the time to second-guess your options you are making the best of everything.

Hey, It’s Okay To Be Optimistic.

When struggling with a sensitive topic sometimes friends and family will caution us to prepare for the worst.

I do think there is a lot of credence to that way of looking at things but a good dose of optimism is healthy.

What we think we manifest because our actions are fueled by our thoughts.

When we constantly feed our energy through negativity and doubt we are setting ourselves up to fail.

This can also manifest in feeling sick, having low energy, and even depression.

Just another reason to look at all sides of a situation and make the best of everything.

Balance is key to being healthy body, mind, and soul.

It’s Okay To Splurge On Yourself.

Everyone has a different meaning of “splurging” depending on their finances.

For some, a splurge means getting a coffee at a cafe while for others it means a cruise.

Yet we all need to splurge on ourselves every now and then.

Feeling guilty about a splurge is self-disparaging.

As long as you are being realistic about how much you can splurge without failing to pay the bills, go for it!

Being good to yourself helps you stay focused on the positive.

When dieting, for example, when you deprive yourself of all favorite snacks, you have a greater tendency to go off of your diet.

By allowing yourself a limited amount of those treats, you are more likely to succeed in your weight-loss goals.

Being Your Best Self Is Okay.

What exactly does the above statement mean?

It means that it is okay to do things to better yourself, promote yourself, look your best, and feel your best.

If that means you have to put more focus on self that’s great.

Perhaps you have to spend less time with friends to take a course to promote your career.

I have found often in my work as a life coach that women often feel guilty for doing basic self-care things for themselves.

Some women even felt that to spend time putting on makeup was a time splurge!

Taking care of yourself should never be considered “splurging!”

Everyone deserves to spend time, and yes, even money to be their best self.

It’s Okay To Want Time Alone.

Of course, no one should entirely exclude themselves from getting out and being social.

Yet, many of us need more time alone than others to feel good.

For some, this can be confusing.

People may tend to think they need to rescue you and get you out and about.

Others, we appreciate and understand the need for being alone.

Knowing how to enjoy time with self is a wonderful thing!

Only you know when you feel confident about being social.

Stand your ground and enjoy your decompression time so you can enjoy your social time more.

Being Different Is Okay.

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When I was quite young, I used to feel different from everyone else.

It was when I was in my twenties that I realized most everyone feels this way on some level.

We are in fact, all very different.

If we weren’t what a boring world we would exist in.

Don’t hide your different, own it, explore it, and let it shine through!

Feeling displaced in our society sucks.

It’s only when we can embrace our differences from others that we can collectively embrace each other.

Your brand of different is what makes you interesting, unique, and special.

One Thing Is For Sure:

We are all far too often hard on ourselves.

I promise, no one is being as judgemental about you other than you.

People, as a rule, are far too busy inspecting themselves.

Think about it, consider how much time you spend questioning yourself.

If you are spending time doing this why wouldn’t others be doing the same?

Granted, there are those people who spend far too much time judging and correcting others.

These are not the type of people we need to associate with.

They are narcissistic and probably have a hard time keeping friends.

In my experience, the only friends the narcissist can keep around are those with low self-worth.

Even then, they are not truly good friends.

Take care of yourself and everything else will fall into place.

If you need guidance that is judgment-free, heartfelt, and caring, check out my life coaching services.

At least seek the advice of a quality friend who is not out to make themselves seem bigger and better by admonishing you.

Making The Best Of Things Is The Best We Can Do.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough the best we can do is to make the best of what we have before us.

Keeping in mind the tips above be sure that you are looking at the positive within the things you feel are working against you.

Consider how you can turn the page on negative people, experiences, or environments.

The key to this, more often than not, is a focus on self.

Being kind to yourself in the face of adversity helps us define where our focus truly should be.

It’s a psychological reaction to focus outward.

This usually means focus on others.

Be that doing things for family and friends, or judging others.

When someone spits venom our way, it is a natural instinct to fight back with venom.

On the flip-side, the other reaction could be to run away from the problems.

This is known as fight or flight.

When you feel the desire to fight or flee from a situation pause.

Consider the tips above and the options open to you.

Alternatives To Negativity, Flight, And Fighting.

Consider other options and alternatives.

Look at things from all sides before making a decision about something.

A little reflection before reaction helps.

Think about how long the negativity has been going on.

Is this a long-term situation that you need to get out of immediately?

Perhaps things will get better.

The person causing you stress could just be going through a difficult time themselves.

Splurge on yourself a little.

Getting away from a toxic environment, be that a vacation or some time at a cafe can do a world of good.

Spend some quality time alone.

This can help you decompress from a negative person or situation.

Understand that we are all different in how we cope with stress and negativity.

Sometimes we can help each other and sometimes we can’t.

Before entirely removing yourself from a toxic person, or situation consider the 5 Factors Of Letting Go.

Above all, be true to youself!

Feel free to add an “It’s Okay” in comments.

I love hearing from you and knowing what you would tell your friends or yourself to empower.

What makes you different and therefore special?

How do you decompress and spend quality time with self?

Do you ever splurge on yourself and if so how?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

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  1. May 30, 2018 / 10:58 am

    I love this! I am definitely pessimistic but I am trying to change that! Putting out positive vibes to the universe! I do try to treat myself to something nice every once in awhile though.

    • May 31, 2018 / 9:24 pm

      I am so glad you treat yourself now and then Felicita! It can be hard to get out of the negative mode but maybe treat yourself more often and be in a better mood haha. I know treating myself sure gets me in a better mood.

  2. May 30, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    This is a great post. I am always harder on myself then anyone else. I am learning not to listen to that little voice as much. I appreciate my alone time and realize when I am feeling overwhelmed and need to get away. I try to splurge on myself every once in a while without feeling any guilt.

    • May 31, 2018 / 9:25 pm

      Thank you so much. We are far too hard on ourselves aren’t we! I am glad you are learning to hush that inner voice. I have been shushing the voices in my head for decades ROFL! So glad you splurge on yourself now and then!

  3. May 31, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    I’m gonna add and say it’s okay to just not do anything for a day. Like just throw in the towel. Sleep it off. Whatever it is and tackle it with a better plan tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas though. Love them!

    • May 31, 2018 / 9:25 pm

      YES!!! Exactly! Thank you that is so very true! I do this as often as I can when I can’t think or my body says to do so. We have to listen to our bodies, our gut, our mind. We push too hard too often! Great addition!

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