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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article between Fierce Beyond Forty and Merrick. I only write about brands I have tested and trust.

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun with our pets. Animals, like us humans need a food source that is going to give them the well-balanced diet they need. A diet that gives them the power to enjoy summer fun with their humans. Merrick Grain Free Dog Food gives our pets the energy, and the healthy dog food source they need and deserve, to keep up with our summer activities.

Merrick Brauts N Tots Wet Recipe

I have always been very selective when it comes to what I feed my pets.

My family looks to me for advice and my opinion on the best dog food choices.

I only recommend brands I personally trust to my family and to my readers!

As someone who has to watch her own diet carefully, I value the importance of quality ingredients and wholesome food.

Merrick Wet Recipes Grain Free Dog Food provides real food, real ingredients that are so wholesome, it even looks good to me!

Merrick Smothered Comfort Wet Recipe

What more could we ask for in a food for our pets?

The hearty grain-free wet recipes feature real meat as the very first ingredient.

They also include a variety of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peas, and apples.

That means the meals are easy for your dog to digest and contain no corn, wheat, or soy.

Lyla enjoyed her first taste of Merrick Wet Recipe during a puppy picnic in the backyard.

Merrick Wet Recipe Grain Free Dog Food Lyla Enjoys Her Picnic

It’s always a special treat to show our dogs special time and love by doing extra things for them.

Lyla is not overly active due to mobility issues and age, but she still requires a food that will keep her healthy and thriving.

The other dogs in our family, however, are go-getters!

They absolutely love to take long walks and sometimes they wear us humans out!

I know that Merrick pet food is helping them with their energy levels.

Better yet, every one of our pets loves it.

Merrick Wet Recipe Grain Free Dog Food

When you have multiple pets in your home, or family, you may have come across foods that some pets love, while others do not seem to want to touch.

That has happened to me on several occasions.

I am happy to say that Merrick Grain Free Dog Food has been thoroughly enjoyed by every dog in my family.

Merrick Wet Recipe

We share in our family when it comes to knowledge of pet-related products from food to toys.

When Lyla, the lucky main tester in the family, loves something everyone’s dog benefits.

That includes Link and Helios, my daughter’s dogs, my mother’s dogs, Benvolio, Romeo, and her newest pup Molly. In addition, my brother’s dog Sunday, and my uncle’s dog Jessie.

That’s a lot of pups to please with just one dog food.

Dogs crave meat but they also need other ingredients that keep them active and healthy.

We need to be sure we are feeding them a quality dog food that has the nutrients they require.

Merrick Wet Recipes Link

That’s why feeding table scraps is never best for our pets.

Feeding Merrick Wet Recipes gives them what they crave, plus the vital nutrients they deserve.

Healthy dog food ensures your pet is healthy and happy.

Merrick Wet Recipes

Crafted in Texas, Merrick dog food wins my accolades.

I also love that it’s a flexible product that can be used as a topper or treat in addition to a full meal.

Your pets never have to sacrifice great flavor.

You never have to look too far to find Merrick either because it’s easy to find and buy.

Find it at Amazon.com, Chewy, Petco, and independent pet food stores.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Merrick Wet Recipes.


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