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So I have been in the middle of a move lately and finding a self storage solution has been somewhat of a headache. That is until I discovered StorageMart!

If you are looking for self storage near you or a storage facility that is clean, affordable, and easy, look no further.



Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by StorageMart.

Read on to learn more about StorageMart, endorsed by Kathy Ireland!

StorageMart Ease Of Use:

When you visit their website you will find it really simple to determine what type of storage you need.

You will also find what storage units are near you with their easy location finder.

All you need to do is enter your zip code and the site will show you where the storage facilities nearest you are located.

Or, you can use the Self Storage Sizing Guide.

For example, their small units are anywhere from 20 to 80 square feet.

These will generally serve someone who needs to store a small one bedroom apartment.

The StorageMart site makes it super simple to determine your needs and I love that because I had never had to use a storage unit facility before.

Not sure you want to trust your own use of the site?

That’s okay!

Just give them a call at 877-STORAGE.

They are happy to help with your questions or concerns.

StorageMart Guarantee:

If you know me, you know I love when there is a personality to a business.

On the StorageMart site, you can even shop for your unit by mood!

Oh and I do not want to forget to tell you about the StorageMart’s Total Satisfaction Guarantee!



StorageMart offers the cleanest storage space with the friendliest service.

If they fail to live up to your expectations, your next month of storage is 100% free according to the website.

Now I have not personally had to test this myself but it’s right there in print so check it out and give them a try!

I appreciate so many things about StorageMart that really sets them apart from other storage rental properties.

StorageMart Cares:


They are dedicated to a friendly environment and quality customer service.

They also pride themselves on having a low carbon footprint and often up-cycle former industrial or commercial buildings and repurpose them into self-storage units.

As someone who is a promoter of being green, this means a lot to me.

No matter what life avenue you are on just give them a call, they can help.

Some of us are helping our parents clear things out and move into retirement homes.

Others may have had a death in the family.

Sometimes we just need to minimize ourselves.

My situation around my move was not the happiest of times.

In fact, I am still dealing with the ins and outs of it all.

What made it easier was the help and advice of StorageMart so I can attest first-hand that they do care about the people who use their self-storage and the issues we are facing.



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  1. November 11, 2018 / 11:19 pm

    It’s no fun moving. I had the contents of a 3 bedroom house in a storage unit for a few weeks. At my current place I have one room that’s a little smaller than that storage unit and all my stuff has been inside there for over 3 years. Well minus my couch, coffee table, bed, one dresser, and most of my kitchen stuff and clothes. It’s not fun knowing your stuff is just feet away but not out where I can use or enjoy it. But at least I’m not paying for a storage unit any more. Good luck with your move.

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