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Are you into the wax melts? You should be! Crumble Co. wax metls are made in the heartland promoting inclusion and love.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, or have suffered gender bias, bullying, etc., Crumble Co. loves you.

They do not only make the most aromatic wax melts to soothe your heart and soul, but they donate to top charities that promote acceptance of ourselves, and of others.

To name just a few they work with Planned Parenthood, Born This Way Foundation, and Operation Breakthrough.

Made right in the heart of the U.S.A in Bonner Springs, Kansas I have had the honor of meeting the creator of Crumble Co., Brandon Love.

He is a vibrant young man and self-made professional at the age of twenty-two.

Brandon brings his personality and uncanny sense of joy, wonder, and humor to everything he creates.

His melts are fun, decorative, and fancy!

Be sure to watch the video in this post to see for yourself what I am talking about.

Wax Melt Craze Are You In Introducing Crumble Co.

Note: I am in no way being compensated for this article. I simply love Crumble Co.

Why Wax Melts?

My daughter deals with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

Wax melts have become not only a hobby for her, but a wonderful way to escape the daily stressors through sensory enhancement.

I have watched her tension released through the aromas of her wax melts.

They truly put a smile on her face and she isn’t the only one this works for.

Crumble Co. has a highly active Facebook Group.

You can see how many people enjoy and find relief from Crumble Co. wax melts and their other aromatic products.

This is also a super supportive group where people can chat about all things, not just wax melts.

Not All Wax Melts Are Equal:

The Crumble Co. Difference

I have enjoyed using wax melts in my own home for a few years and I can tell you, Crumble Co.’s melts are the best!

Brandon knows that some scents need longer to cure in order to give us the best aroma possible.

He always lets us know when a specific scent needs a little more time to cure.

I appreciate that he not only makes his own products and runs the business but that he cares so much about his customers.

He is a true inspiration.

Check out his video, he just makes me smile from ear to ear!

Warning: There are a couple curse words, all in good fun.

I just love this guy!

Brandon Understands:

No stranger to depression Brandon started crumble Co. after his own suicide attempt.

You wouldn’t know it watching his video, would you?

Knowing he had to stay busy he decided to get crafty and do good.

In the past four years Brandon and his family have started not only a business but an international movement raising thousands of dollars for crucial life saving foundations.

He has also started an extended family through his Facebook group known as the Crumble Family.

One of the few groups on Facebook that I am proud to be a part of along with my daughter.

Part of his introduction to the group reads:

Yo! Welcome to the Crumble Family ✨

Facebook’s largest candle community & safe-space to be yourself! We encourage you to share your stories, your struggles, your lessons and make friends- and of course, invite the people you love!

We aim to uplift each other, through compassion, kindness and an open shoulder. A community crafted by super fans of Crumble Co., for any and everyone.

Brandon truly wants the community to share and encourage one another.

I love that!

Why This Matters:

Grab a coffee and snack at Crumble Co.

Gotta love a shop that has snacks and coffee!

So many people are suffering.

Almost everyone I know has a friend or family member who deals with a harsh mental, physical, or emotional struggle.

That is if they are not dealing with something themselves.

Sadly, we find so many people have no one to turn to for support.

The Crumble family provides a safe haven for all!

On the Crumble Co. Website you can find their blog which has so many beautifully helpful articles.

From featured articles like “Learn to Love Your Body & Stop Worrying About Being “Ugly And Fat”!” to “Bettering Your Self Love”, the Crumble blog has many nuggets of wisdom, and love to share with everyone.

Support Small Business:

I am always a fan of supporting small business, even better when a local small business.

Yet, buying from a small business that is doing so much good for others, it’s a must in my book.

With the holidays approaching please check out this exceptional business.

I bet someone in your life would be so cheered by a gift from Crumble Co.

They also offer gift cards if you are not quite sure what your special someone would love.

I prefer giving gift baskets and Crumble Co. offers those as well.

You can of course gift wax melts but they also offer body butters, lotions, bath bombs, frostings, and salts, as well as epic swag!

Candles coming soon too!

KoKo The Crumble Co. Pup!

A Place For All To Feel At Home:

As an animal lover you have to know that any shop that has a pet roaming about is my kind of place!

I am not sure if KoKo is on the payroll but she sure is a sweetie.

That is one advantage of living close enough to visit the shop in person.

Everyone is made to feel welcome and other shoppers are so friendly you won’t want to leave.

My daughter and I had some great conversations with other shoppers sharing stories and our favorite scents.

We met one women who was shopping for her daughter for the holidays.

Her daughter also deals with anxiety so she was picking up several variations of a much loved scent called “F**k Anxiety.” (one version shown in video!)

Sorry if anyone is offended but anyone who deals with anxiety would surely agree!

Favorite Wax Melts:

Emma Enjoying Crumble Co.

My favorite wax melt is called Mystery Machine, yes, after the Scooby Doo van!

I also fell in love with Ho Ho Ho, Pour The Merlot.

My daughter’s current favorites are Resting Grynch Face, Chocolate Orange, Shark Attack and Wax Daddy.

Her fiancé loves Kansas City Smokehouse, which he loves to mix with cookie scents.

We both love the Gummy Bears scent.

I am sure you will find the perfect scent for yourself and everyone on your holiday gift list!

Inventory sells out fast and some scents are not recreated, other scents are remastered into new but similar creations, so get them while you can!

Want more?

Here is another way to gain mental clarity!


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