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Hello and Welcome to Fierce Beyond Forty:

Fierce Beyond Forty is an empowering lifestyle blog for midlife women.

Women of midlife are busy and multi-faceted.

Fierce Beyond Forty readers want to stay up to date on the latest trends and would like to be more stylish.

Midlife women have spent a good part of their lives putting others first, it is time for her to reclaim her life again.

I write about all things that matter to today’s modern mid-life woman.

Well-being, empowerment, and pets are a central focus on Fierce Beyond Forty however you will find that I write on just about everything.

 A Bit About Me Joely Smith:

Joely Smith of Fierce Beyond FortyAs a person in my day to day life I am quirky, goofy, will randomly sing words rather than speak them.

I spend time with my pets, love nature, and have a huge affinity for trees.

A great glass (bottle) of wine is something I enjoy now and then.

Lord of the Rings, fantasy or Sci-Fi movies, are some of my favorites.

I enjoy any television shows, or books where I can learn something.

Making people laugh is important to me.

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 46 years, and deal with chronic pain.

I have homeschooled, due to the medical needs of one of my two children, and I have held professional careers both inside and outside of the home in my lifetime.

Honesty and good character are very important to me.

I am not perfect, and I am very open both on the blog here, and in my day to day life.

I need to know those I put myself around will be as well.

Communication is important to me.

As a professional life coach for two decades, I find that lack of communication leads to most problems in our lives.

Communication, however, is a two-way street and can not be forced.

This is evident by the fact that even though I am a life coach, I am recently separated.

It is my mission here on Fierce Beyond Forty to educate, empower, and inform.

We also have a lot of fun!

I hope that you will get to know me better through my articles.

You should see that I am quirky, a self-proclaimed geek and deeply love animals and protecting them along with our environment.

About Why I created Fierce Beyond Forty:

After being a work from home, homeschooling mom for over ten years, I woke up one day and looked in the mirror.

There I was, at three in the afternoon, still in my pajamas.

I know that to some of you that may sound like a great way to spend the day, and I won’t lie, I still spend some days in my PJ’s but now it is a treat when I do, not a way of life.

Back then spending all day every day in my pajamas, or at the most, a worn out tee shirt and sweats were the norm.

I rarely went out so I had no reason to look good, or did I?

About Fashion Beyond Forty image of a woman walking in nature with 2 childrenAt the time I did not realize that not only was my lack of self-care affecting me, but it was also affecting my children.

I wrote an article specifically about this called 5 Reasons Why Your Style Is Important To Your Kids And Grandkids.

Starting my original blog Fashion Beyond Forty was a way of motivating myself, and possibly others to find time in our busy lives to give back to our own needs because we deserve that!

As a midlife woman, I soon realized that simply blogging about fashion was not enough.

Yes, I do love fashion, I always have, but midlife women are a sum of their parts, and there is a lot of complexity to us!

We have been through our teens, our 20’s and are past the growing pains.

Sure we still have our struggles, but we also have years of life experiences to work from.

Later I changed the name of my blog to Fierce Beyond Forty because that is what we are!


Or at least what we should aim to be.

I hope my articles help you claim your fierceness.

I wanted to blog about the things I am interested in, things I believed other women my age would also be interested in reading about. So I looked around my home, looked inside myself, and reflected on what was important to me, to women my age, and how my blog could make a difference.

About Categories On Fierce Beyond Forty:

I had worked from home for over two decades as a life coach, and spiritual advisor, so empowerment, enlightenment, and women’s issues had to be something I wrote about.

Thus the Health & Wellbeing category was created.

This area of the blog allows me to write about things that today’s women can benefit from, and to talk about ways we can help each other.

Fierce Beyond Forty My Dog Lyla A Black and White pupI have always loved animals, and have always had plenty of pets in the home so writing about furkids was a must!

You can read all about our furry friends, pet items, pet care, and anything related to animals in the pet category.

While I may not be as much of a foodie as some when it comes to creating and adding recipes to the blog, I do love good food, I also love good food that is easy to create!

My entire family is in the restaurant business, so cooking came rather natural for me.

I grew up working in my father’s restaurant, so from an early age, I was expected to be able to cook great meals.

It was only natural to include an area for food on the blog under the lifestyle category.

One area of the blog that I go back and forth with, wondering if I should keep it or not is the Tech area.

I do love tech.

I was raised by an audiophile, grew up playing Intellivision.

You will not see me without my cell phone or tablet in my hands.

But should I have a tech section on the blog I wondered, I decided yes!

Us midlife women need to stay in the know when it comes to new technology.

I do not want us falling behind!

My biggest fear is having to call my kids to ask them how to turn on the newest space-age television!

For this reason, you can find Tech under the Lifestyle category on the blog.

While I do not have as many articles in this category as I do in others, I will on occasion find a cool new gadget and write about it.

Especially if it is useful to women of midlife.

About Fierce Beyond Forty Heart Health Pledge Graphic

The health section was a no-brainer.

I am always interested in learning new ways to manage my own health issues and help empower others when it comes to theirs.

Having Type-1 Diabetes since I was 19 months old and going through multitudes of changes in how to care for it has taught me a lot about health and medicine.

I have psoriasis, chronic pain, a torn shoulder tendon, fibrocystic breast disease, the beginning stages of glaucoma, and other health issues.

Respecting both modern medicines and subscribing to natural healing remedies as well I try to give informative assistance when I feel I have a good understanding of it.

I enjoy writing about ways we can stay healthy, and take care of ourselves, mind, body, and spirit.

One thing I do not advocate: fad diets!

You will never see a blog article about those on Fierce Beyond Forty.

In the health section of the blog, you will find articles about emotional health, physical health, and overall well-being.

Style & Beauty is one of the main categories of Fierce Beyond Forty.

Under this category, we have articles on beauty, makeup, skincare, and fashion.

You will find What I Am Wearing Today and Fashion Focus.

Fashion Focus is where I highlight specific brands.

These are usually sponsored posts, but not always.

What I Am Wearing Today may be a mix of brands put together to make a look that I love.

These are generally non-sponsored and created to help women know how to put together cohesive looks from their own closets.

About What Fierce Beyond Forty Means To Me:

About Fierce Beyond Forty Image of me kicking up my heel

Overall what Fierce Beyond Forty means to me is a way to inspire and advocate.

Having worked as a life coach and spiritual advisor for so long, there was simply no way I could not pull a part of that side of my life into my blogging.

While I wanted to separate the two professions, I could not divide what makes me, me.

This blog is a means to advocate for all women of midlife, and many times, all ages of women because we have to stand united!

Midlife can be fun when faced with courage.

As midlife women, we can also advocate for younger generations as they mature by being fierce!

Sharing my personal experiences with others, past experiences, current and those I have yet to go through, we can help each other shine.

Within the more serious topics, we can have some fun.

We talk DIY, good food, decor, our love of nature, pets, and even stay current with tech.

You will find I post a monthly Happiness Is article to share some of the good times in my life.

We can always find something to be happy about, even in the most trying of times.

I appreciate every single one of you and love hearing from you via comments on my articles.

Fierce Beyond Forty Awards and Accolades:

Blog Paws 10th Anniversary Conference Graphic on Fierce Beyond FortyShopShare Top5Thrusday Graphic Awarded to Fierce Beyond Forty

Thank You Feedspot For Awarding Fierce Beyond Forty

Versatile Blogger Award Badge

Overall I never want us midlife women to be put in a corner.

About Fierce Beyond Forty Image of me playing in leaves

I have taken this thought and brought it to my blog so that I can share everything with you that strikes me as something worth talking about.

Topics of value.

Things that us happening, trendy, fun midlife women think, feel, and do!

I hope that you find articles here that resonate with you.

The fashion you will find on this blog is mostly laid-back, casual, everyday styles.

Now and then I do show off a nice dress because we all want, or need to dress up now and then.

Most of Fierce Beyond Forty’s readers prefer comfortable styles that we can play and move in.

Learn more about the pets behind Fierce Beyond Forty via their Pet Profiles:

Each of these pets in our family makes appearances on the blog from time to time.

The Canines Of Fierce Beyond Forty:

Pet Profile: Lyla – A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Pet Profile: Link My Grand-Dog, The Christmas Dachshund

Pet Profile: Benvolio My Other Pup-Brother!

Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Brother The Poodle

The Felines Of Fierce Beyond Forty:

Pet Profile: Tibet, Cat, Dog, or Sloth?

Profile Nub: A Winter’s Tail, I Mean Tale

Profile: Pumpkin, The Cat That Came Back

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