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Life Coaching Services #FierceCoaching

Life Coaching Services Are Available if you need help with direction, empowerment, and dealing with day to day complexities.

Email me at joely@fiercebeyondforty.com to discuss your needs.

Notice: I am not a medical doctor and will not advise on health issues. I also will not advise on gambling, lucky numbers, or lottery. I am not allowed by law to give advice on legal matters.

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Yes, I Am An Empath And A Life Coach:

Life Coaching. Happy Yellow Image With Orange Sun saying Add Some Glow To Your Life. Get Direction And Clarity With Life Coaching

For over two decades I worked professionally as an empathic life coach and spiritual advisor.

In 2016 I took a soft retirement keeping only a handful of clients that I had worked with for many years.

The main reason I stepped back from full-time work was so that I could focus on my blog.

Another reason was that doing empath work for so long was taking a toll on me and I needed to refuel my own energy.

As my blog developed I realized how much empowering others was a part of me.

I could not simply walk away from who I am at my core.

For the first two years of my blog, formerly named Fashion Beyond Forty, I focused mainly on fashion, makeup, and beauty.

Along with doing reviews.

As you can see my blog has evolved into more and now is named Fierce Beyond Forty.

There is a reason for that and you can read all about it in my rebranding introduction article.

My Background As An Empath And Life Coach:

Life Coaching Empowering Others Is A Major Part Of Who I Am

I was first mentored by my great great grandmother from the age of 8 on how to use my empathic abilities.

As a young adult, I did readings for friends for fun.

In my late 20’s that I took a serious interest in my spiritual gifts.

I attended The School Of Metaphysics in my home state and was certified in life coaching and spiritual guidance.

By the time I was in my early 30’s I was working full time in person, and online providing readings and life coaching as well as spiritual guidance.

I have worked on well known psychic reading sites including Kasamba and Psychic Source.

After a while, I grew tired of the “keep them on the line as long as possible” mentality of these websites.

I was there to help people, not send them to the poorhouse.

It is my goal to help people help themselves when I provide readings, life coaching sessions or spiritual guidance.

I prefer to do this in a way that is individually planned for each person as per their needs.

It is also my goal to get each person to a place of happiness and fulfillment.

Online psychic sites do not work in a way to make this possible.

Why Me:

Life Coaching I Firmly Believe We Can Change Anything For The Better Through Manifestation and Action. (1)

I will never judge you.

My history is not perfect and all life coaches go through challenges too.

If you find a life coach or empath that tells you otherwise, they are lying.

I am empowering and even when life gets us down, there are ways to pick ourselves back up.

It is my belief that the more we go through in our lives the more skills we have to work helping others.

I use my own experiences to help you find a better path in your own life.

One of my greatest skills is that I am an empath.

That means I am being able to place myself within your energy and feel what you feel.

There is no better way to relate to another person than that!

Although I may be taking part in your feelings, I can separate myself from them emotionally and logically enough to give you a clear vision of the best direction for you to take.

How I Provide Life Coaching Services:

Sessions Tailored To You As Individual As You Are

My sessions are provided via email or on Skype with or without video.

There is no difference in how the sessions work and will use whichever you are comfortable with and works for your schedule.

Some people find it difficult to hop on a Skype chat or video session due to lack of privacy in their home.

Your sessions are 100% private and nothing you say to me will ever be shared with anyone!

The only exception is if you make a statement of harming yourself or another.

I will report this and am required to as well.

You will never feel judged by me.

Since everyone is an individual with different needs the way we work will be determined by that.

Some people need multiple sessions with a plan of action drawn up for them.

Others simply need one session every now and then for support.

I offer one-off session prices and package prices.


Life Coaching #FierceCoaching 5000+ Clients Served Each Special Unique and Fierce!

During my time working online, I had over 5000 reviews with a 4.99 rating out of 5.00, not an easy task to achieve and I am very proud of it.

The following references are from a few of my personal clients:

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Linda

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Davina

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Tanya

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Connie

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Rachel

Life Coaching By Fierce Beyond Forty Testimonial Ellie


Why I Am Offering Life Coaching Here:

I Want Everyone To Have All The Empowement They Need And Deserve! #FierceCoaching

This is not an area I wish to explode into a full-time career path again.

I am not even charging what I used to charge when I was doing it full-time.

The reason I am offering it is that I want to be accessible to you, my readers who may need these services.

I promise you will be treated fairly.

Unlike on some sites offering these services who only want to keep you on the line as long as possible.

We all need help now and then and there is never a reason to feel ashamed of needing help.

I am very good at the services I offer and they are such a part of who I am.

You can see that through my empowerment and enlightenment articles here on Fierce Beyond Forty.

When I write an article on the blog I hope it is helping someone.

Educating, entertaining, or empowering.

What I do not want is for someone to feel they benefited but wish there was more.

Now there is.

I Am Here For You:

Life Coaching Everything Comes Full Circle In Time #FierceCoaching

My background goes back decades.

Lately, I am seeing a surge of life coaching services offered all over the internet.

While I am by no means saying they are all a sham I do at times worry about the authenticity of some.

I want my readers to have a place, a person they can put a real face to.

A place that they can come when they need help.

Someone they have perhaps read the articles of for years.

A person who is more like a friend rather than a stranger on the other end of the line.

That person is me.

I had a calling to add this page to my new rebranded site because it just made sense.

Funny how everything eventually comes full-circle isn’t it!

Reach out to me if you are in need of help with anything from work, to romance, to family.

I have provided help with intricate issues to a quick question to make a decision.

There are no “stupid” questions!

Email me at joely@fiercebeyondforty.com to inquire about services and fees.

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